Mon 26 Aug 2019 to Sun 1 Sep 2019

Billy Hoyle - Bruxo

Released via the House of Beige last week, Bruxo, is the brand new record from beat-maker, producer and sample sensation Billy Hoyle. Self-described as a Brazilian music fiend, Bruxo is another release inspired by this love.  

Sampling rich sounds from flutes, Fender Rhodes, guitar and even melodica, it fluctuates between being a completely vocal or instrumental-only album throughout the creative process, eventually leading to a mix of the two with contributions from Tom Scott, Cazeaux O.S.L.O & N’fa Jones.

The backbone of these pieces is formed by the world-class Myele Manzanza, who played drums on every track, shifting between boom-bap grooves and also flexing his incredible chops. Damian Smith also adds life to this project with various solos and keyboard parts that colour in the instrumental pieces.


Laura Imbruglia - 'Give Boys Pink Toys'

Laura Imbruglia "Give Boys Pink Toys" Music Video

ODD OKODDO - 'Okitwoye'

Sturgill Simpson - 'Sing Along'

Sturgill Simpson - Sing Along (Official Video)

Theo Parrish - 'What You Gonna Ask For (Theo's Mix) ' - feat. Lori, Paul Bender, Perrin Moss, Silentjay & Simon Mavin

What You Gonna Ask For (Theo's Mix) [feat. Lori, Paul Bender, Perrin Moss, Silentjay & Simon Mavin] by Theo Parrish

A. Swayze & the Ghosts - 'Connect to Consume'

A. Swayze & the Ghosts - Connect to Consume (Official Video)

Broads - 'Velvet Paradise'

Velvet Paradise by Broads Music

Devorah - 'Wrong Time'

Devorah - Wrong Time

Love Deluxe - 'Dance of the Lizard People'

Ubik - 'John Wayne (Is A Cowboy (And Is On Twitter​)​)'