Mon 29 Apr 2013 to Sun 5 May 2013

by Snog

It seems that David Thrussell has been an agitator in Australia’s electronic music scene forever. Formerly an influential broadcaster on PBS 106.7, Thrussell appears to have an endless desire to critique, challenge and even subvert contemporary media, culture and politics.

Consumerism is again the target for his band SNOG on ‘Babes in Consumerland’. It will be no surprise to anybody to see Thrussell in consumerland, but it will come as a shock to many to see D. Thrussell re-invented as Dee Thrussell in what has become an all-female power trio – the other members being Samantha Sanders and Christine Arkley-Smith.

While the band, and remarkably the gender, may have changed, the music remains consistent with what we’ve come to expect from SNOG. Irresistibly catchy, each of the ten tracks here displays lush electro-pop grooves sitting beneath (for the most part) Thrussell’s almost-monotone oratory pointing the finger at targets mostly from the big end of town.

On ‘Babes in Consumerland’ SNOG are joined by a few friends and guests including Felix Kubin (MS-20), Ash Wednesday (AKS), John Justin Stewart (Guitar), Ruby Q (Vocals), Klaus Liebezeit (Drums) and Atom TM (PS 3100). The net result is another album of slightly dark but very accessible electronica. It would be disrespectful to call the sound ‘retro’ given that Thrussell and SNOG helped to define this sound in the first place some 21 years ago.

If you’re due for some provocation and perhaps just a little conspiracy theory then I invite you to join SNOG and Babes in Consumerland. Fear not – everything is under control.

by Owen McKern - PBS Program Manager

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