Mon 24 Aug 2020 to Sun 30 Aug 2020
This week's feature album is the highly anticipated The Third Gleam from three time Grammy nominees The Avett Brothers.


The Third Gleam is the third release in the band's Gleam series and marks a return to their roots, both sonically and in form with Seth and Scott Avett playing as a trio with longtime bassist Bob Crawford.


In true Avett Brothers' tradition, The Third Gleam shares a glimpse into what’s on their minds and in their hearts as their lives, and the world around them, continue to evolve. Throughout the eight-song collection, the band delves into isolation, incarceration, and injustice, as well as resilience, redemption, and love, offering a gleam of hope in a dark and uncertain time.


Completing the album before COVID-19 was even a thought in anyone's mind, and the ongoing injustices inflected on black lives was brought front and centre, Seth and Scott released a poignant statement:


“The Third Gleam was finished before a virus and its carnage swept through humankind in the spring of 2020,” share Scott and Seth. “It was finished before the most recent injustices against black lives inspired outrage and a much-needed call for social reform and revolution. Through the fever pitch of fear over the pandemic, outcry in the wake of widely observable bigotry, and mourning over the death caused by both, we are united in conflict...put to task in the arenas of our fortitude, our morality, indeed the strength of our own souls, individually and collectively."


Watch the full statement here.


The Third Gleam follows The Avett Brothers’ tenth studio album Closer Than Together, which was released in October 2019 to critical-acclaim.


The Third Gleam is out August 28 via Loma Vista Recordings.




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