Thu 31 Oct 2013

Enter the red door through to the art studio warehouse transformed into a visual feast of macabre horror and beauty. Arrive early for a drink at the bar and a strings performance of horror film inspired music Two art house horror films will be screened:

Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)
Dir Paul Morrissey: "You can't say that you know life until you've f***ed death in the gall bladder."

Flesh for Frankenstein casts a high-camp wink in Mary Shelley's direction before turning one of the genre's maddest of mad scientists on to a more debaucherous path - creating his own Adam and Eve whom he will use to produce a whole new human race, under the watchful eye of his wife (who also happens to be his sister), her lover (Warhol favourite and Factory regular Dallesandro) and their not-so-innocent children. Co-produced by Andy Warhol, Flesh for Frankenstein is the fourth collaboration between the iconic artist and director Paul Morrissey. Every depraved imagining is brought to life in this piece, but the wickedness and depravity is tickled with silliness and humour, and the shots so artistically refined, that the end product is a delicious cocktail of beauty, gore, and fun.

Suspiria (1976)
Dir Dario Argento "Bad luck isn't brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds"

The most celebrated and talked-about film from a stable of wildly bizarre Italian horror movies is Argento's stylistically rich masterpiece, Suspiria. This film finds the beauty in horror and then seductively drips it all over your trembling body. Set in a German ballet school, an American dance student arrives in the midst of an investigation into a shocking double murder, then slowly uncovers the school's dark history and suspicious teaching staff. Very little about Suspiria makes sense beyond the classiness of its production, but this only adds to the chaos, confusion and fear, making this a truly frightening cinematic experience.

VENUE: Second Story Studios - 3/159 Sackville Street Collingwood VIC 3066
DATE: Halloween, Thursday 31st October 2013
TIME: Doors and bar open 7.00pm, first film screens at 8.00pm
TICKETS: $10, available for purchase online here or at the door
CONTACT: or call 0404 018 913