Mon 28 Oct 2019 to Sun 3 Nov 2019

Archie Roach - Tell Me Why

Not many have lived as many lives – from stolen child, teenage alcoholic, seeker, lover, father, musical and lyrical genius, to social advocate and First Nations leader – but it took almost a lifetime to find who he really was. He is Archie Roach. In recent years he has faced the sudden death of his life partner and musical collaborator of 38 years, Ruby Hunter, and has gone on to survive a debilitating stroke and lung cancer.

Tell Me Why​, the title of his new memoir, is an intimate, moving and often confronting account of his resilience and strength of spirit, and also of a great love story. Tell Me Why ​is also the title of the companion album and could be considered Roach’s ‘magnum opus’. The 18 song double album re-imagines eleven songs which have defined Archie Roach’s extraordinary musical career, together with two songs previously written but never recorded, two songs of early-influence and three brand new recordings. The album has been arranged and produced by celebrated multi-award winner Paul Grabowsky.

Roach voices the joy, pain and hope he found on his path through these songs to become the legendary singer-songwriter and storyteller that he is today – beloved and respected by fans worldwide. Archie Roach has also just been named 2020’s Victorian Australian of the Year.


Tourist - 'Still Life'

Tourist - Still Life (Official Audio)

Memphis LK - 'Roses'

Memphis LK - Roses (Official)

Godfire - 'Green Boots Cave (Poor Form, Inglis)

Alien Nosejob - 'I Still Call This Punk Scene My Home'

Lightning Bolt - 'Blow to the Head'

Lightning Bolt - Blow To The Head (Official Music Video)

Fanny Lumsden - 'Peed in The Pool'

Fanny Lumsden - Peed in the Pool (Official Video)

Spray Paint - 'Clean Your Gun'

clipping. - 'All In Your Head' (Explicit Language)

Clipping - All In Your Head

Anna Wise - 'Count My Blessings (With Denzel Curry)'