Mon 17 Jun 2019 to Sun 23 Jun 2019

Anthology Recordings Compilation - Sad About The Times 

This week's must listen to Feature Sounds is the latest compilation from Anthology Recordings Sad About the Times, put together by Melbourne's own Mikey Young of Total Control / Eddy Current fame and Keith Abrahamsson (Mexican Summer founder and Head of A&R at Anthology Recordings). The compilation explores North American 70s FM from folk, soft rock, West Coast jangle, power pop and more. 

Featuring tracks from Hollins Ferry, Willow, Norma Tanega and so many more, this is a compilation designed to make you feel, those universal emotions that are so hard to describe but so easy to feel.

These songs come in the wake of the psychedelic sixties after the high-flying idealism had run its course and singer songwriters were ascendant. After the party, reality kicks in. You have to deal with yourself about how you deal with your friends and lovers.

You can’t always work it out but you can sprinkle a little sugar on your sadness with songs like these to keep you company. 

Sad About the Times is a companion piece of sorts to the Mikey Young x Keith Abrahamsson compilation Follow The Sun, (Anthology, 2017), which focussed on 1970s FM through a distinctly Australian lens. 

Norma Tanega - Illusion (from Sad About The Times)



Tristan Arp - 'Specie'

Youthfire - 'Nice Boys (ft. Abraham Tilbury)'

Youthfire - Nice Boys (ft. Abraham Tilbury)


Garden Quartet - 'Speak Forever'

TEK TEK Ensemble - 'Electric Anaconda'

Hearts and Rockets - 'Feelings'

Gena Rose Bruce - 'I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You'

Gena Rose Bruce - I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You (Official Video)


Atom - 'Parasite'

Luen - 'Owl Tool'

Owl Tool by Luen


Yawning Man - 'Bowie's Last Breath'