Sat 22 Aug 2020
With 2020 marking PBS' 40th year on the airwaves, it's not surprising that some PBS programs and announcers are celebrating milestone birthdays too!


Tune in from 6AM this Saturday August 22 as we celebrate 10 years of 5ft High & Rising in its home in the early Saturday morning timeslot.


Before taking on 5ft High & Rising, announcer Myles O'Neil-Shaw was a regular on the PBS airwaves and has now clocked up over 750 episodes across 15 years - what a community radio legend!


Ideally we'd be throwing a big party for Myles out in the local music community with some of his all-time favourite musicians but this year the celebration will be a little different. 


Let's hear from Myles on what's in store:


"Knowing that this anniversary was coming up, I had been making plans in my head about how to celebrate it for a long time. They included things like an event at some local establishment with some of my favorite bands one Saturday night. Plus I had planned for an amazing array of guests on the actual day. But as we all know, making any kind of big plans in 2020 has not been a good idea.


So this week it will be just me, doing the show from the studios in Collingwood.


I have organised for some local musicians to pre-record some music to play. People such as Ben Mastwyk, Matt Joe Gow, Cat Canteri, Lachlan Bryan, The Weeping Willows, Dave Wright and Tracy McNeil have all made contributions, for which I am very grateful.


Plus I’ll be selecting some of my favourite tunes to play as a kind of 5ft High & Rising greatest hits!


So it will still be a very special show. I hope you can tune in! We will just have to put further celebrations on hold for a while and do it in style some time in the future after things return to something like normal."


PBS would like to thank Myles for his ongoing contribution to the station. You Can't Stop The Music!