Fri 19 Feb 2021
In one of the scenes in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 1, Japanese garage-trio The's are seen soundtracking the impending carnage wrought in a Tokyo izakaya before The Bride (played by Uma Thurman) confronts O-ren Ishii (played by Lucy Liu) and her cabal of elite fighters. Standing barefooted, playing jangly guitars with utmost cool, the trio delivers a catchy rendition of ‘Woo-Hoo’, a tune that time had forgot, originally written by short-lived 1950s American rockabilly group The Rock-A-Teens. 


Although they have been described as the undisputed queens of Japanese rock and roll since they formed in Tokyo in 1986, it was this cameo appearance that arguably garnered The's newer and wider cult popularity in the West. They have since toured many parts of the world, including Australia. 


In late 2019, the trio returned to these far-flung shores for a one-off Melbourne concert. The planets aligned and we were lucky enough to have them record a riveting live set in Studio 5.


We invite you to tune in to Twistin’ Fever from 7pm on Friday February 19 as we revisit this classic session.

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