Mon 6 May 2013 to Sun 12 May 2013

by Various Artists

Produced and presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria, Emerge Festival commemorates United Nations World Refugee Day and celebrates Refugee Week in Victoria. The 2013 Emerge Festival will take place from May 18 to July 31.

To celebrate the music being made by refugee and emerging communities living in Australia, the Emerge Festival has compiled a fine collection of recordings that feature musicians whose backgrounds stretch from Ethiopia to Egypt, from Tanzania to Tonga, and just about everywhere in between. Musically this compilation is as diverse as the geographical and cultural sources from which the musicians are drawn. Across 12 tracks we hear hip-hop (both in English and the Sudanese Dinka language), Ethio-jazz, African roots, reggae and even Afghani pop music.

PBS listeners can expect to hear tracks from the 2013 Emerge Festival Radio Sampler across a range of our world music programs but also in some unexpected places. Make sure to tune in to Big Mob every Monday from 1pm to hear more about Emerge and also to hear music coming from some of the most vibrant but underrepresented communities in Australia.

*NOTE: This compilation is NOT commercially available

This week's Top 10: