Mon 5 Mar 2012 to Sun 11 Mar 2012

by Cambodian Space Project

Phnom Penh based, formed in 2009 and described as a Cambodian 60’s Psychodelic Pop Rock band

Fronted by the playfully charismatic and vocally gifted Srey Thy and consisting of Australian, French and Cambodian musicians. Srey was discovered by Julien Poulson (Australian musician and film producer) in a Phnom Penh karaoke bar while he was looking for Cambodian musicians

Debut album (Australian release February 24th) recorded in Cambodia as a tribute to the musicians of Cambodia’s musical golden age, building on the legacy of Ros Sereysothea, Sin Sisamouth & Pan Ron. Most album tracks originally written for or by these three Cambodian music legends and have been reworked by the band with a Western edge

They combine traditional Khmer songs and instrumentation with Western Rock ‘n’ Roll originally imported by American G.I’s back in the 60’s and 70’s. This combination is demonstrated in the song ‘Kolos Srey Chaom’ (Love God) where Srey Thy sings the words from a Ros Sereysothea track over Shocking Blue’s classic ‘I’m Your Venus’

The King of Cambodian’s favorite band and the unofficial state band recently playing to Hilary Clinton during her recent visit to Cambodia.

They play anywhere – from rural villages to boats on the Mekong, from bars in Phnom Penh to an elephant’s 50th birthday party

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