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Milo Eastwood and Claire Dickson present the Breakfast Spread with a mix of PBS regulars, special guests and some of Australia’s leading musicians. Tune in every morning to hear an eclectic selection of styles, sounds and genres to keep you company as you stumble out of bed, head off to work, pack the kids' lunches or arrive home after the night shift.

Pop the coffee pot on, and settle in for The Breakfast Spread every Monday to Friday from 6am – 9am on PBS 106.7FM or streaming at pbsfm.org.au


Mon 1 Oct 2012 to Wed 31 Oct 2012

Throw off the winter blues and get into the summertime swing with a PBS membership this October.

Sun 29 Jul 2012

Lost and Found is proud to announce the inaugural Lost and Found Record Fair on Sunday July 29th, with a special broadcast of PBS' Bluejuice

Mon 30 Jan 2012

As the year gets rolling, we're thrilled to announce the new team for The Breakfast Spread for 2012.

Sat 31 Dec 2011

There are no more tickets available for Soul A Go Go this New Years Eve!

Fri 2 Dec 2011 to Wed 29 Feb 2012

PBS calls on music lovers to Make A Sound Investment! This week brings our tally to over $44,000 and our target is $75,000 -we are about 60% of the way there!

Fri 4 Nov 2011 to Mon 21 Nov 2011

Jenny O'Keefe is parting the early morning airwaves. So we're on the hunt for someone to join The Breakfast Spread each weekday from 6- 9am.

http://pbsfm.org.au/sites/default/files/images/Fest La Frog.JPG
Sat 9 Apr 2011

Fest La Frog - a one day sustainable & organic, music & arts party - is happening on Saturday 9th April at Ceres, Brunswick.

Fri 4 Mar 2011

PBS gets back on the green!

Mon 21 Feb 2011 to Sun 27 Feb 2011

PBS’ Live Music Week 2011 is on!!! The program includes Gentle Ben, Teeth & Tongue and The Surrealists. Win tickets to these special live gigs!