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The Breakfast Spread: Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

1. The Qualities:| Happy New Year To You:| Magic Time:| 1:51. #2*
2: Van Morrison:| Celtic New Year:| Magic Time:| 6:12. #2*
3: Lightnin’ Hopkins:| Happy New Year:| Where Will You Be On Christmas Day:| 3:43 #2* 6:12am.....
4: Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris:| This Is Us:| All The Roadrunning:|4.39 #3 5:J.J.Cale/Eric Clapton:| Ride The River:| Road To Escondido. 4.37. #3
6: J.J.Cale:|Anyway The Wind Blows:| Road To Escondido. 3.58. #3 6:25am......
7: Royal Crown Review:Topsy:| Mugzy’s Move. 3.43. #3 8:George Benson:| That Lucky Old Sun:| Talking Verve 3.43. #3 9:Jimmy Smith:| Organ Grinder’s Swing:| Talking Verve. 2.17. #3 6:38am.....
10: Cleo Brown:| Cleo’s Boogie:| Jump Blues:| 2.46. #3 11:Fats Waller:| I’m Crazy About My Baby:| The Essential Collection. 2.21 #3 12:Del Close & John Brent:| Basic Hip:| The Beat Generation 1.12. #3
13: Bob Dorough:| Dog:| The Beat Generation:| 3.28. #3 6:50am.....
14:Oscar Brown Jr.:|40 Acres And A Mule:| Songs That Made The Phones Light 3.18 #3
15: Lorez Alexandria:| Baltimore Oriole:| Songs That Made The Phones Light Up. 3.10. #3
16: Artie Shaw & His Orchestra:| Take Your Shoes Off Baby:| Jazz Greats:| 3:27. #3# 7:00am.......
16: Stubby Kay/Palmer:| The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands:| Lil Abner. 5.18 #1 17:Kacey Jones:|Donald Trump’s Hair:| Donald Trump’s Hair:| 4.14 #1 18:Kacey Jones:| I’m Down To My Christmas Underwear:| Nipples To The Wind. 4.14 #1 7:15am......
19: Squirrel Nut Zippers:| Palin’ With Al:| Putaymao Presents:| 2:41. #3
20: Asleep At The Wheel:| Take Me Back To Tulsa:| Live And Kicking:| 5:23 #3 21:Texas Tornados:| Mendocino:| Live From Austin TX:| 5:23. #3
22: Leon Haywood:| Soul Cargo:| Soul Cargo Volume 2:| 3:27. #3 7:30am......
23: Maggie Riley:| Moonlight Shadow:| The Complete Mike Oldfield .| 3:37. #2 24:John Prine:| Big Old Goofy World:| The Missing Years:| 5:12. #2* 25:Nanci Griffith:| Speed Of The Sound Of Lonleliness:| Winter Marquee 7:50am.....
Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass:| Crawfish:| The Lonely Bull:| 2:30 #1
25: Bob Dylan:| Dirt Road Blues:| Time Out Of Mind:| 3:37. #1
26: Kimmie Rhodes:| If I Needed You:| Walls Fall Down 4:22. #1 8:00am......
27: Lucinda Williams:| Lake Charles:| Car Wheels On A Gravel Road:| 5:30. #1
28: Nanci Griffith:| Listen To The Radio:| Winter Marquee:| 3:52 #1
29: Kacey Jones:| Christmas In Rehab:| Donald Trump’s Hair:| 3:25. #1 8:10am.....
29: Run See Jerusalem:| George Melly:| Tropical Britoxica:| 2:52. #1
30: Leon Redbone:| I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody My Jelly Roll:| Any Time: 2:37. #1 8:16am.......
31: Fred Astaire & Benny Goodman:| It’s Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby:| Jazz 2:54
32: Vika & Linda:| The Honey Bee:| Princess Tabu:| 3:56. #1
33: Dr.John:| Honey Dripper:| The Very Best Of Dr. John:| 3:39 #1
34: Fiddling Burke Frenchie:| Cajun Honey:| Crazy Cajun Recordings:| 2:24 #1 8:30am....
35: Herb Alpert & His Tijuana Brass:| Whipped Cream:| Whipped Cream & Other Delights
36: Al Hurt:| Sugar Lips:| Cotton Candy Sugar Lips:| 2:03. #1
37: Ken Nordine:| Bubblegum;| Dot Masters Best Of:| 2:39. #1
38: The Dixie Belles:| Down At Papa Joe’s.| Golden Classics.:
39: Ry Cooder:| 3 Cool Cats:| Chavez Ravine

The Breakfast Spread for Tuesday, 1 January 2019

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Farewell Claire!

Claire Dickson

This morning PBS Breakfast Spread listeners awoke to the news that Claire Dickson will be traveling abroad in 2019 and won’t be continuing in the role of Breakfast Spread co-host on PBS 106.7FM.

Claire has made an incredible contribution to brekkie in a relatively short time, but has also given years of volunteer service to PBS presenting her previous show Circling the Sun. We’ll all miss Claire dearly here at PBS, but we also thank her sincerely for her wonderful radio, her great company every morning and her incredible grace and warmth behind the microphone. We wish Claire all the very best for 2019 and look forward to hearing stories of her travels overseas.

Claire’s last show with Milo will be this Friday December 21. In February 2019 Milo will return and PBS listeners will continue to hear the most eclectic spread of music on breakfast radio anywhere in the known universe.

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