The PBS policies and procedures are for, and apply to, announcers, volunteers, staff, and the PBS Board of Directors.

If you are one of these persons, it is important that you:

• familiarise yourself with these policies and procedures;
• make sure you know where to find the Handbook of Policy and Procedures on the PBS website should you need to refer to them at any time;
• ask questions should you need clarification.

The Policies and Procedures are reviewed and updated when required. Revisions may occur following changes to the Codes of Practice or other applicable legislation or guidelines. They may also be updated from time to time to reflect changes which are approved by the Board of Directors. 

The latest version is May 2018 – see the pdf below.

You can quickly review the latest document through the ‘Explanation of updates – May 2018’ pdf below.

PBS welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvement of these Policies and Procedures from staff, announcers and volunteers. Please direct your comments to the General Manager.