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Minibikes S5L 2012

Tuesday 25 September 2012

On first encountering Minibikes’ debut album 'For Woods Or Trail' one could easily imagine that the up and coming five-piece would be better suited to climes far warmer than the cold grey streets of Melbourne town. It is perhaps in protest to the eternal winter that plagues their city that Minibikes have released a musical document which positively evokes the spirit of summer.

Minibikes came into existence in 2010 when guitar playing singer songwriter Marcel Borrack realised he needed a band to add meat to the new material he had been coming up with. Teaming up with percussionist Al Barden, keyboard player and 'Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set' member Libby Chow, bass player Nathan Farrelly, and along with the addition of Tim Harvey on guitar, the newly monikered Minibikes set about honing a sound and working on the songs that were to become the band’s debut LP 'For Woods Or Trail'.

Listen back to Everybody Moves with Lukie D for a live set from Minibikes.

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