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Peeking Through The Wool

Joshua Hodson-Smith
Presented by Joshua Hodson-Smith
This programme has been archived.

Peeking Through The Wool is not only a radio show all about wigged out muso's.
It also not only a show about the 60's counter-culture that experimented with different sounds and tastes.
Or the far spread international cultural-cannibalism that followed.
Or the bizarre reinterpretations warped by their surrounding geopolitical situations.
It is most importantly a show all about wigged out muso's.

Maybe you want to hear Acid Mother's Temple playing Bitches Brew in its entirety or Maztec shamans hallucinating vividly or recordings of Syd Barrett talking to himself or maybe Thai garage rock bands all wearing leather jackets in 40 degree weather singing Kinks covers. This show is all about the fuzzy, swirling, weird and unnerving. I will be digging up the most hallucinatory and far out music possible.

Stay up late and trip out on Peeking Through The Wool.

If you have suggestions, demos or any psychedelic music email me or send it in.
Vinyl is most welcome


Send your demos, records, cds, whatever to..

Peeking Through The Wool
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