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Headhunters: Monday, 26 February 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Mildlife / The Magnificent Moon / Phase
Adult.Films / school.night / Faux Real EP
Smerz / Have Fun
Richard Russell / Show Love (feat Syd and Sampha) / Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell
Kedr Livanskiy / Ariadna
Maia and the Big Sky / Lola / Maia and the Big Sky

Maia interview

Maia and the Big Sky / Power / Maia and the Big Sky

Owiny Sigoma Band / (Nairobi) Too Hot
Heat Wave / Physic Powers / Split 7 377/Psychic Powers
Concentration / Forgiveness / Premature
Siam / Tel Aviv Downtown
Abbi Press / Never Try, Never Know / Never Try, Never Know- Verge of Tears

The Do Yo Thangs / Sucka / Single Premiere
U.S Girls / Rosebud / In A Poem Unlimited
TY / Eyes Open ft. OG ROOTZ (formerly Durrty Goodz) & DEBORAH JORDAN
The Harpoons / Reassurance / Amaro
Jordan Rakei / Eye to Eye (Dan Kye Remix)
Lfalfa / In Their Shoes

Lfalfa Interview

Rhi / Night Driving (Ivy Lab Remix) / The Same
Gabriel Garzón-Montano / Sour Mango (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)
Emile Nana / I Rise (Original)
Blood Wine or Honey / Loosefoot #normal remix

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