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Opalakia: Tuesday, 29 May 2018

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Hey heyaa!!! Oh my Goooooood I am so lucky to have such a supportive crew backing this show!! Can't believe it, TWO people have become a Friend for a Decade!! Thank you Snakes on Everything and Haripriya! Also great to see a few familiar names and even better to see some new names who are now apart of the Opalakia fam.

You guys are keeping PBS alive, something that is very important if we want to keep diversity and authenticity on the radio.

Aside from that, also a big shout out to Paul Jextra who did such a phenomenal job curating this 50 min mix. Get around him and everything that he does! I love discovering people like Paul who inspire me to be better!


Also the first two songs I played are on that awesome nu-jazz tip and I am loving this sound sick lately! So proud that people are creating such quality music in this day and age, especially right here in Melb!

1. Kamaal Williams - Salaam
2. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Eliza

Filakia. Xx

Opalakia for Tuesday, 29 May 2018

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Opalakia with Paul Jextra

I recently came across Paul Jextra during my hunt for the perfect mix to KB to. As I was skimming through the archives, Paul's mix caught my attention instantly. From start to finish, Paul took me to places that I had never been to before... To my surprise after doing some serious investigating (Magnum P.I. stylez) I discovered that he is from our neighbouring state, Sydney. So I got in touch with the man himself and organised for him to deliver what I can only presume to be one sick mix.

More about Paul...

Paul has lived in Sydney for the past 12 years; since he left France his record collection has grown and grown. He oscillates between studios, acoustics labs and DJ booths. Over the years he has developed a taste for off-kilter leftfield dance music and quirky Balearica, with a focus on the late 70s to early 90s.

From island disco to South African bubble-gum, his sets are colourful and spontaneous. He made an acclaimed debut on Jen Oath Records with Coarsica EP as one half of Caravan and is also part of TLC Djs, The Listening Club, alongside Marcus King, Donnotella and Marco Vella

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