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Opalakia: Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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If only you guys could see the smile on my dial right now! Wow, just wow to the generosity that so many of you have offered to PBS. Thank you SO much to all of you who have become members to Opalakia especially, it means so much to feel your support and know that you enjoy the music that I get to share with you. I hope our journey continues for a long time to come. God be with you, mashallah. Xx

Also shout out to my bro Lloyd Briggs who helped me talk smack tonight. He is actually a legend and a half. His musical knowledge is out of this world, has exquisite taste in music and is such a lovely person. THIS is just one of the reasons why I love PBS. I am so lucky that I have met and been able to make contact with so many wonderful people because of it.

1. Amr Diab – Alby
2. Gurdas Maan - Ratton Ko
3. Al Massrieen – Sah
4. Bobongo Stars – Maya
5. Dino Saluzzi - Tata Sarapura (feat. Litto Nebbia, Santiago Giacobbe, Ricardo Dominguez, Mariano Tito, Nestor Astarita & Chachi Ferreyra)
6. Metin Alatli - Beyoğlunda Gezersin
7. Boncana Maïga - Komya Hondo
8. Paco de Lucía - Entre Dos Aguas
9. Buika - Si volveré
10. Bergamali Mustafa - Chiftetelli (Turkey)
11. Ivano Fossati - La Musica Che Gira Intorno
12. Fairouz – Aloula

Opalakia for Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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