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Electric Sunset: Saturday, 25 November 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Ellen Rubbo “Muita Gente”
Wonderfeel “Tamadaa”
Wonderfeel “Song For Her”
The Seaport & The Airport “Invention, Purpose & Use”
The Seaport & The Airport “An Audience of Small Pieces”
The Seaport & The Airport “The Dream Punch”
Fischerspooner (Dave Clarke remix) “Emerge”
Shu & Dalek One “Mumble Dub”
Jafu “Luster”
Jafu “The Lab”
E Davd “Ultimate Relaxation”
Vakula “EXP Techno”
Wolf Tech “The Celestial Muse”
The Hacker & Miss Kitten “Frank Sinatra”
The Hacker & Miss Kitten “1982”
The Hacker “Underwater Sequence”
Electro Nation “Woman. Machine.”
Morphology “Conductive Force”
Utern “Back To Trinidad”
Folamour “Petit Prince Du Macadam”
Yelle (Lorenz Rhode mix) “La Musique”
Silent Breed “EPhunk”

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