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Mystic Brew: Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

01. Brother Jack McDuff ‘Hot Barbecue’ (1966 Prestige) USA

02. Paul Gonsalves ‘Low Gravy’ (1960 Jazzland) USA

03. Kenny Burrell ‘Wavy Gravy’ (1963 Blue Note) USA

04. The J.B.’s ‘More Peas’ (1973 People) USA

05. Fred Wesley & The New J.B.’s ‘Breakin Bread’ (1974 People) USA

06. Rusty Bryant ‘Fire Eater’ (1971 Prestige) USA

07. Curtis Amy with Les McCann Ltd ‘One More Hamhock Please’ (1960 Pacific Jazz Records) USA

08. Grant Green ‘Cantaloupe Woman’ (1965 Verve Records) USA

09. Jake Mason Trio ‘Candy Smack’ (2018 Soul Messin Records) Australia

10. Horace Silver Quintet ‘Juicy Lucy’ (1959 Blue Note) USA

11. Kyle Hall ‘Dear Sweet Potato’ (2017 Wild Oats) USA

12. Jimmy Smith ‘The Cat’ (1964 Verve Records) USA

13. Stone Alliance ‘Sweetie Pie’ (1976 PM Records) USA

14. John Coltrane ‘Good Bait’ (1958 Prestige) USA

15. The Duke Pearson Nonet ‘Honeybuns’ (1966 Atlantic) USA

16. John Hicks ‘Mind Wine’ (1981 Theresa Records) USA

17. Donald Byrd ‘Jelly Roll’ (1968 Blue Note) USA

18. Junior Mance Trio ‘Gravy Waltz’ (1962 Riverside Records) USA

Mystic Brew for Tuesday, 15 May 2018

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