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Mystic Brew: Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

01. The Rookies ‘Milestones’ (2018 Self Released) Australia

02. Take Moriyama ‘Kaze’ (1983 Vap / 2018 BBE) Japan

03. Chip Wickham ‘Barrio 71’ (2018 Lovemonk Records) UK

04. Mabuta ‘Log Out Shut Down’ (2018 Self Released) South Africa

05. Latinaotearoa featuring Laughton Kera ‘Skyy, Can You Feel Me’ (2018 Self Released) New Zealand

06. Respuesta Alternativa ‘En Tu Caso’ (1987 Fusion DE Producciones / 2018 Left Ear Records) Spain

07. Andres featuring Monica Blaire ‘Learn To Love’ (Yoruba Suite) (2018 Mahogani Music) USA

08. Zed Bias featuring Eva Lazarus ‘Restless’ (2017 Exit Records) UK

09. Miraa May ‘I Don’t Want Ya Didi’ (NameBrandSound Remix) (2018 CoOp Presents) UK

10. Tenesha The Wordsmith ‘Madea’ (2018 On The Corner Records) USA

11. Tenesha The Wordsmith ‘Dangerous Woman’ (2018 On The Corner Records) USA

12. Emelyne ‘Creative Source Vol 2 Side B’ (2018 Stanley St) Australia

13. Emelyne ‘Creative Source Vol 2 Side A’ (2018 Stanley St) Australia

14. The Avalanches ‘Because I’m Me’ (Dam-Funk Re-Freak) (2018 Modular Recordings) Australia/USA

15. Blue Avenue Band ‘Loose Change’ (2017 Wax Museum Records) Australia

16. Guy ‘Groove Me’ (1988 MCA Records) USA

17. Sex On Toast ‘Party’ (2017 Tonay Records) Australia

18. Mike Huckaby ‘Groove Box’ (1997 Cross Section Records) USA

19. Valerie Ingram ‘Are You Faithful?’ (Boyd’s Morning Piano Mix) (1990 Movin’ Records) USA

20. Barbara Tucker ‘I Get Lifted’ (Boyd Slam The Organ Mix) (1994 Strictly Rhythm) USA

21. Against All Logic ‘Some Kind Of Game’ (2018 Other People) Chile

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