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B.P.M.: Sunday, 13 May 2018

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Threepiecesuit guest mix
Greatest Freak Out Ever
Universal Everything And You - Warp Records
Satin Navy - Twr72
Permafrost- 1800haighst
Liman 2- Lag
Insanity - I/Y Remix
Hackjammer - Dj Shiva
Be Me - Enderie
Odyssey - Setaoc Mass
Espy Ii - Relapso
What Time Is Now - Joefarr
Surface Tension - Manni Dee
Exhale - Arram
Rampart - Joefarr
Kalam On - Jokasti & Mel
Enola Gay guest mix

Mr. G - A G Moments [Holic Trax] Mystik Menn - Work It Right [Pelvis Records] URULU - Flight Pattern [Voyage] Andy Hart- Dackhammer [Voyage] ENOLA GAY - D-Floor [IND] Roman Flügel - Geht’s Noch [Skint Records] Huntly- Please (Nite Fleit Remix) [IND] Roza Terenzi - Yeh, Higher Places’ (Jayda G’s Deep In Your Soul Mix”) [Good Company Records] Total Giovanni - Your Light (Sam Weston’s Light Low Rub) [Dot Dash Recordings] Fantastic Man pres. P.M.T.C - Cool Waters [Superconscious Records] Mfon- Ron Hardy’s Resurrection [Soma Quality Recordings] ENOLA GAY - Sleaz [IND] Chiara Kickdrum - Shifts [Finn Audio Music]

B.P.M. for Sunday, 13 May 2018

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