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The Afterglow: Wednesday, 6 June 2018

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song / artist / album

1. Apogean Tide / Krakatau
2. Kung Fu / Curtis Mayfield / Sweet Exorcist (1974)
3. Trying to get next to you / Arnold Blair

Interview with Ravid Kahalani of Yemen Blues
Studio 5 Live set from Yemen Blues

4. Gone the promises of yesterday / 24-Carat Black
5. Sometimes / Erykah Badu / Baduizm

6. Dat Feeling / Chris Dave and The Drumhedz
Playing at 170 Russell 8th June - Giveaway

7. Runnin / Pharcyde / Labcabincalifornia
8. My People / Remi
9. #1 Thing / Amerie

10. The way you make love / Gena Rose Bruce
11. Turn around / Dungen & Woods / Myths 003
12. The Elvis Hour / Susie Scurry

13. Wade in the Water / Ellen McIlwaine / Honky Tonk Angel (1972 NYC Burmese Records)
14. Susan / Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders / Blue Poles
15. Batphone / Arctic Monkeys / Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
16. Cannonball / The Breeders

Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Yemen Blues’ intoxicating music merges West African rhythms, influenced by Yemeni culture and melodies with jazz and funk to evoke a connection to places you may have never visited. Sitting in a musical crossroads of Middle Eastern traditions, the group paints a musical canvas with deep laments and jubilations to present a complex and resolutely modern offering.

The group are known for their energetic and powerful live performances – with hypnotic percussion beats and multi-layered sounds created by instruments from bass, percussion, brass to oud and strings. Led by Jewish Yemenite vocalist Ravid Kahalani, with a soaring three octave range, his mesmerising vocals alongside a superb lineup of talented musicians from New York, Israel and Uruguay make this one of the most engaging and exuberant acts on the world music scene.

Since their critically acclaimed breakthrough at 2012 globalFEST, to Roskilde Festival Denmark and concerts all over Europe and the US, they have collected a devoted family of fans. This Australian debut performance will deliver a visual and rhythmic feast and will be the pick of the Festival for shaking off those winter blues!

Listen back to Yemen Blues performance live on The Afterglow. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

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