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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 8 July 2018

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All of tonight's music is by Pierre Boulez. The playlist lists the name of the piece first (with its year of composition), followed by the performers, and then the duration. All recordings are from the 13 CD set 'Pierre Boulez: The Complete Works', released in 2013 by Deutsche Grammophon.

Memoriale (...explosante-fixe...Originel) (1985) | Sophie Cherrier (flute); Solistes de l'Ensemble intercontemporain; Pierre Boulez (conductor) | 5:07

Interview with Justine Anderson, talking about Traces of Passage, coming up at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Wednesday, 18 July.

Le Marteau sans maître (1953-1955) | Hilary Summers (mezzo-soprano); Ensemble intercontemporain: Emmanuelle Ophèle (flute); Odile Auboin (viola); Marie-Thérèse Ghiradi (guitar); Vincent Bauer (vibraphone); Samuel Favre (xylorimba); Michel Cerutti (percusssion); Pierre Boulez (conductor) | 38:32

cummings ist der dichter (1970-1986) | BBC Singers; BBC Symphony Orchestra; Pierre Boulez (conductor) | 13:25

Messagesquisse, sur le nom de Paul Sacher (1976) | Jean-Guihen Queyras (solo cello); Solistes de l'Ensemble intercontemporain; Pierre Boulez (conductor) | 8:35

Dérive 1 (1984) | Ensemble intercontemporain: Sophie Cherrier (flute); Alain-Billard (clarinet); Hae-Sun Kang (violin); Eric-Maria Couturier (cello); Michel Cerutti (vibraphone); Dimitri Vassikalis (piano); Pierre Boulez (conductor) | 5:47

Anthèmes I (1997) | Jean-Marie Conquer (violin) | 8:42

Be sure to check out the blog to read more about the music of Pierre Boulez!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday, 8 July 2018

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Pierre Boulez: nailed and mastered - Justine Anderson from Six Degrees Ensemble chats on The Sound Barrier!

No one has ever claimed that the music of Pierre Boulez is easy listening. But, even so, when, in my mid-teens, I first heard his remarkable chamber piece Le Marteau sans maître ('The Hammer without a Master') I was instantly won over by the effervescent sparkle of its instrumentation, giving a kind of fizzy energy to the surrealist poetry of its René Char text.

That text, and that music, is going to be part of a concert that traces the impressionist influence of Claude Debussy through 20th-century French music, Traces of Passage, coming up at the Melbourne Recital Centre's Salon on Wednesday 18 July, performed by the fabulous Six Degrees Ensemble, whose soprano, Justine Anderson, will be joining me on the next edition of The Sound Barrier to talk about this amazing piece by Pierre Boulez: incredibly demanding for its performers, utterly magical for its audience.

Along with my chat with Justine, I will also be playing the complete Le Marteau sans maître as one part of a whole program devoted to this controversial composer of the 20th Century avant-garde whose music, complex and challenging, intricate and intriguing, brings the exotic finesse of French modernism into the elaborately ordered world of post-war serialism that grew in Germany's Darmstadt in the early 1950s.

I hope you can join me this Sunday night, 8 July, at 10 PM (AEST) as The Sound Barrier celebrates Boulez. You can listen live both on your radio (106.7 on Melbourne's FM band, or on PBS digital radio), or online through the website or the PBS app. The show will also be available to listen back to, also here on the website, shortly after it has gone live to air.

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