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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 17 June 2018

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Tonight's playlist follows the usual form, listing composers first, then the name of the piece, followed by the names of the performers. The name of the album (where there is one) is next, followed by the recording details and, lastm, the duration.

Naima Fine | Herbarium-derived model predicts observed phenology | Laura Moore (cello and viola de gamba); Matthew Horsley (percussion); Naima Fine (dizi [chinese transverse membrane flute], harmonium) | private recording courtesy Naima Fine | 4:37

Naima Fine talks about Leagues of Breaking Light

Naima Fine | Rhododendron species Average Flowering Day and Elevation: 3 species | Belinda Woods (dizi [chinese transverse membrane flute]); Zach Johnson (violin); Miranda Hill (double bass); Matthew Horsley (prepared modern marimbula) | private recording courtesy Naima Fine | 5:42

Jim Denley | For Celina Rokona | Jime Denley (prepared bass flute) | Cut Air | Sofa Music | 19:33

Liza Lim | Tongue of the Invisible | Uri Caine (piano); Omar Ebrahim (baritone); Ensemble MusikFabrik; Andre de Ridder (conductor) | Tongue of the Invisible | Wergo | 54:07

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The Sound Barrier for Sunday, 17 June 2018

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Learning across culture - music of Naima Fine, Jim Denley, and Liza Lim coming up on The Sound Barrier!

This weekend's edition of The Sound Barrier will be focussing on the teachings and learnings that have been enabled by music's capacity to reach across cultures. It's a capacity that music holds in a unique way, and this weekend's show will look at three very different approaches to it.

My guest in the studio will be Melbourne composer Naima Fine, whose latest project Leagues of Broken Light has grown out of her recent residency in China, where the impacts of climate change on local flora gave rise to a music that connected both with the local place, and with the ecological crisis that is beginning to descend upon it. We will be listening to some of the music from the project, as well as hearing from Naima about ways in which you can help support it as it comes to fruition throughout this year.

Alongside Naima's work, I'll be playing other music by Australian composers who have drawn in creative and deeply respectful ways from cultures outside our own, with a major work for prepared bass flute by Jim Denley that draws from the bamboo flute music of Celina Rokona from the Solomon Islands, and its connection to land and heritage, and the complete Tongue of the Invisible by Liza Lim, a work that draws on the 14th century poetry of Persian mystic Hafiz and pays tribute to the artistic spirit in which he wrote in music of stunning originality and force. It will serve as a kind of curtain opener for the world premiere of Liza's Atlas of the Sky with Speak Percussion, Jessica Aszodi, and a choir of twenty crowd performers, this coming Monday night, 18 June, at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

I hope you can join me this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEST) for these three big glimpses at the extraordinarily creative impact of diverse cultures on Australian music. You can listen live on Melbourne's 106.7 PBS FM or PBS digital, as well as live from anywhere in the world via the PBS app, or online. The show is also available to listen back to, online, for about six months after that.

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