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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 4 February 2018

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As usual, tonight's playlist lists the composer first, followed by the name of the piece, the performers, and then the recording details, with the duration of the piece last.

Karlheinz Stockhausen | TAURUS (version for alto trombone and glockenspiel) (from TIERKREIS) | Ossicle Duo: Benjamin Anderson (alto trombone); Hamish Upton (glockenspiel) | live performance at PBS | ca 2:30

Interview with Benjamin Anderson and Hamish Upton talking about Ossicle Duo and their upcoming concert Natural Order

Richard Barrett | EARTH | Peter Neville (percussion); Brett Kelly (trombone) | Negatives (with Elision Ensemble) | NMC | 12:10

Karlheinz Stockhausen | TIERKREIS (version for piano and electronics) | Massimiliano Viel | private recording made at Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo, made available courtesy Massimiliano Viel | 25:08

Anthony Pateras and Chris Abrahams | Music in Eight Octaves | 176: Anthony Pateras and Chris Abrahams (pianos) | IMMEDIATA | 50:06

Be sure to check out the blog to read more about tonight's music!

Ossicle Duo - new music live on The Sound Barrier!

It's always exciting to see new music ensembles emerging, and only all the more so when they explore unusual combinations of instruments that open up possibilities for new repertoire, or repertoire that doesn't get heard as often as it should. Like the trombone of Benjamin Anderson and the percussion of Hamish Upton that have coalesced into Ossicle Duo, one of Melbourne's newest musical projects, who will be my guests on this weekend's edition of The Sound Barrier.

They will be joining me in the studio to talk about their work, and their debut concert Natural Order, coming up in just two weeks in South Melbourne, where they will be playing a new piece by James Hullick, along with works by Richard Barrett, Brenton Broadstock, and, yes, Karlheinz Stockhausen: their own arrangement of his perpetually regenerative picture of the stars, TIERKREIS, from which they will play an excerpt live in the studio.

I'll also be bringing you Peter Neville's and Brett Kelly's recording of EARTH, the Richard Barrett piece to be featured in Ossicle Duo's concert.

Along with this fantastic chance to hear, and hear from, these two energetic musicians, I'll be bringing you another recording of Stockhausen's TIERKREIS in a new and magical version for piano and electronics by one of Stockhausen's collaborators, Massimiliano Viel, recorded at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo in September last year.

In the second half of the show I'll be bringing you a ferociously exciting piano collaboration with Anthony Pateras and Chris Abrahams, Music in Eight Octaves, recorded at the Iwaki Auditorium in Melbourne in 2005 but released only last year, on Anthony's label, IMMEDIATA.

I hope you can join me at 10 PM on Sunday night (AEDT) for two hours of new music, with special guests Benjamin Anderson and Hamish Upton, on PBS radio – 106.7 on the Melbourne FM dial, or on PBS Digital, or from anywhere in the world via the PBS app or online. The show is also available to listen back to here on the website, along with all the details of the recordings played, shortly after it has gone live to air.

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