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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 14 January 2018

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Tonight's playlist lists the artists first, who are also the composers and improvisors of the music they are playing. The name of the piece is next, then the recording details and duration.

Sound of the Mountain | Live at PBS on The Sound Barrier | ca 15:00

Interview with Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen (Sound of the Mountain)

Sound of the Mountain | Amplified Clarinet and Trumpet (excerpt) | Mystery and Wonder Records | 4:49

Automating | 61˚N 23˚E #2 | Einstellung Zwei | Einstellung Zwei on Bandcamp | 15:41

Automating | 61˚N 23˚E #1 | Einstellung Zwei | Einstellung Zwei on Bandcamp | 15:03

Tarab | Transform 1 | Obex | Cronica Records on Bandcamp | 10:18

Artificial Memory Trace | Lampsh | Obex | Cronica Records on Bandcamp | 14:50

Llara Goodall | Live @ Mitcham 2015 | Surface Noise Vol 5 | Iceage Productions | 13:25

As usual, you can check out the blog if you would like to read a little bit more about the music and ideas featured on tonight's show!

New experimental sounds from near and far

This weekend on The Sound Barrier I'll be bringing you some brand new sounds from the local and the world experimental music scene, beginning with some live music in the studio as I am joined by Montreal-based duo Sound of the Mountain, which is Perth-born Elizabeth Millar on amplified clarinet, and Craig Pedersen on trumpet. They take their instruments to exciting territory, where acoustic and electronic worlds merge, as if the instruments themselves are found objects to be explored in long-form improvisational pieces that, with their close-miked resonance, and their intense focus on the exploration of sound, remind you of the fabulous sonicspheres of artists such as Pauline Oliveros and Keiji Haino.

I'll also be bringing you some new recordings of local artists who are leaving their own distinctive marks on the experimental music terrain, with some new work from Melbourne sound artist Tarab, and his new collaboration with Artificial Memory Trace, where sounds and recordings were shared, and then developed, between the artists to produce their new release Obex; and then some glimpses at the latest release from Automating, another Melbourne-based sound artist who works with found sounds and makes much out of what is discarded from lives too busy to stop and listen. I'll also be playing some of the latest Surface Noise release from IceAge Productions, where Llara Goodall chops up pop music and invests it with the ferocity of mangled noise.

I hope you can join me for this and more, this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEDT) on Melbourne's 106.7 PBS FM, or on PBS digital radio, as well as here online or on the PBS Radio app. The show is also available to listen back to, along with its playlist, shortly after it has gone to air.

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