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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 5 November 2017

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The show's usual playlist format is followed tonight, with composers listed first, followed by the name of the piece, the performer, the recording details, and finally the duration.

Karlheinz Stockhausen | IN FREUNDSCHAFT | Karen Heath (clarinet) | live performance on The Sound Barrier at PBS | ca 15.00

Interview with Karen Heath and Henrik Denerin, talking about their upcoming concert Music of Stockhausen and More

Henrik Denerin | Fluchtlinien – D | Duo ARà | private recording courtesy Henrik Denerin | 10:51

Karlheinz Stockhausen | TANZE LUZEFA! | Karen Heath (bass-clarinet) | live performance on The Sound Barrier at PBS | ca 6.00

Henrik Denerin | Das Ende eines Wintermärchens | Ensemble Aleph | private recording courtesy Henrik Denerin | 6:25

James Hullick | Utopian City (excerpt) | James Hullick | live performance on The Sound Barrier at PBS | ca 10.00

Interview with James Hullick, talking about his upcoming concerts City-Topias and Disruptive Critters

James Hullick | Disruptive Critters (excerpt) | James Hullick | private recording courtesy James Hullick | 9:00

James Hullick | Woman Falling | Bolt Ensemble | The Heaven Spiral Flamingly | X-Alt Sound | 14:23

The Sound Barrier In Friendship ... with Heath and Hullick (and now Denerin too)!

What could possibly be better than Stockhausen CDs on an episode of The Sound Barrier??? Live Stockhausen in the studio of course!!

The first of my studio guests this weekend will be Melbourne clarinettist Karen Heath, who will be presenting a concert of Music of Stockhausen and More next weekend at the Melbourne Recital Centre, and this Sunday night on The Sound Barrier Karen will be performing live two pieces from that concert: IN FREUNDSCHAFT ('IN FRIENDSHIP'), one of Stockhausen's most loved works for solo instrument, which was composed in many versions and not only demonstrates the whole concept of friendship in its musical structure, but is also intended to bring musicians together, as they work on the versions of the piece created for their instrument, and come to share its magic in friendship; and TANZE LUZEFA!, which draws on music from the opening scene of Stockhausen's opera DONNERSTAG aus LICHT, in diabolically difficult music calling for a whole range of extended techniques and movement, which Karen will play in its version for bass clarinet.

Joining Karen, both in tomorrow night's chat, and in her concert next weekend, will be the music of the exciting Swedish composer (and erstwhile Stockhausen student), Henrik Denerin, whose international reputation and list of accolades continues to grow phenomenally. Henrik, barely off the plane, will be joining Karen in the studio to chat about his music.

In the second half of the show, my guest will be long-time friend of The Sound Barrier, James Hullick, who will be popping in to talk about two shows coming up as part of Melbourne Music Week in a couple of weeks, his City-Topias (in which Karen Heath will also be performing, alongside a host of other Melbourne new music luminaries) and its accompanying futuristic table-top console project Disruptive Critters. James will also be adding to the thrill of everything by performing live in the studio as well.

So with Stockhausen, live music, and some Melbourne mega-talent, you really must tune in or log on, this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEDT) to PBS 106.7 FM. You can listen wherever you are, via radio or online, as well as listen back afterwards, right here on the website, to the audio archive!!

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