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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 13 November 2016

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Tonight's show begins with an interview with Peter Knight and Tamara Saulwick. The interview was part of Speak Percussion's Sounds Unheard education program, and the interviewers were Mungo Moje-O'Brien and Lewis de Zoete, who have been undertaking an internship at PBS as part of the program. Kaylie Melville also joined us, along with Lewis and Mungo, to talk about the program. Throughout the interview some excerpts of work by Peter and Tamara were also played:

  1. The Boat in the Mist | Daughter's Fever (featuring Peter Knight)
  2. Florence St 1 | Peter Knight (from the album Allotrope)
  3. Afterall | (excerpt from Permission to Speak by Chamber Made Opera)

The second part of the show featured James Gardner and Nick Wilson, talking about Synthposium along with some of the synthesisers that will be talked about and demonstrated there. We listened to a few examples of synthesiser music during the discussion. We heard short excerpts from:

  1. ARIES from SIRIUS (music of Karlheinz Stockhausen)
  2. Synthi demo with Tristram Cary
  3. Chronometer (music of Harrison Birtwistle)
  4. The Sea Devils (from Doctor Who)
  5. Whose Should Are You Looking Over Anyway (with Curved Air)
  6. Dance of Dawn (music of Priscilla McLean)
  7. On the Run (Pink Floyd)

The show finished with the complete recording of COSMIC PULSES by Karlheinz Stockhausen, realised by Antonio Pérez Abellán and Kathinka Pasveer. Recording available exclusively from The Stockhausen Foundation for Music and played with their permission.

For more thoughts about the show and the ideas we discussed in the interviews, check out the blog!!

Sounds Unheard and Synthposium - this weekend on The Sound Barrier!

Coming up this weekend on The Sound Barrier will be some chats with people involved in two exciting initiatives bubbling away right now in Melbourne's music scene.

First up will be the latest of a whole series of exciting activities that go to make up Sounds Unheard, an innovative education programme led by Melbourne's phenomenally and internationally acclaimed ensemble, Speak Percussion. Sounds Unheard provides High School students with opportunities to engage with new music and new music musicians in a huge range of ways, and to explore what that engagement can create for them in pursuing their own interests in music.

One part of that programme has involved introducing students to the world of radio – of how radio works, and how to prepare and conduct interviews in ways that help both them and their audiences to discover more about what's happening in new music. PBS was proud to participate in this fantastic initiative which this year involved two young men – Mungo Moje-O'Brien and Lewis de Zoete – spending time in the PBS studio under the mentorship of our Program Manager Owen McKern, and learning about how to plan and conduct interviews. It culminated in Mungo's and Lewis's interview with Peter Knight and Tamara Saulwick about their collaborations in performance, composition and direction, and with a special look at Tamara's upcoming production of Permission to Speak with Chamber Made Opera later this month.

This weekend's edition of the show will kick off with Mungo's and Lewis's interview, plus some music from Peter and an exclusive excerpt from Permission to Speak.

In the second half of the show, I'll be chatting with New Zealand composer and music historian James Gardner, who will be one of the key presenters and this year's Synthposium at the SAE Institute's Melbourne Campus this Monday, 14 November. The day will involve papers, workshops and demonstrations, providing a tremendous opportunity to look at, listen to, and be part of, the hugely varied and exciting synthesiser culture, in which Melbourne has played such an exciting part.

I'll be chatting with James about his own history with synthesisers and especially about his current work tracing the history the EMS synthesisers and studio, as well as listening to some of the EMS synthesiser sounds, including the marvellous Synthi-100, used so spectacularly in Stockhausen's SIRIUS.

Make you sure you tune in, or log on, to listen to The Sound Barrier this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEDT) on Melbourne's 106.7 FM band or on PBS digital radio. The show is also streamed live online here at the website, or via the PBS smartphone app, as well as being available here as an audio file shortly after it has gone live to air.

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