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New Noise: Sunday, 12 November 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Michael Rother Karussell Flammende
Datura 4 Fools Gold Rush Hairy Mountain
Black Mountain Mothers of the Sun IV
The Mystery Lights Follow Me Home The Mystery Lights Wick Records
The Mystery Lights Flowers In My Hair Demons In My Head The Mystery Lights
`Kahvas Jute Odyssey Back On The Street Again Festival
Electric Lady Space Lady #48 Queen of Electricity and Her Coming Kingdom
Duo Kribo Uang Those Shocking, Shaking Days Now Again
Guru Guru Electric Junk Mojo Nov. 17
The Warlocks Jam of the Witches Rise and Fall
The Creation Psychedelic Rose/Radio Beautiful Pscyhedelic Rose Cherry Red
Striped Bananas Open Eyes Cosmic Carnival Cosmic Sunshine
Striped Bananas Hold On Now Stone of Madness Cosmic Sunshine
Blue Giant Zeta Puppies Semyorka Part 1 Semyorka
Love Your Mind and We Belong Together Forever Changes Elektra
Mogwai 20 Size Every Country’s Sun
Moon Duo Mirror’s Edge Occult Architechture
We Lost The Sea A Gallant Gentleman Departure Songs
Andrea Keeble FLY Congratulations Independent
Tangerine Dream Cloudburst Flight The Essential
Straits By Water Space, Energy, Light Soul Jazz Records
Pete Namlock & Klaus Schulze Psychedelic Brunch Dark Side of The Moog MIG
Black Cab Night Flight Akira Interstate 40
Monomyth Vanderwaalskrackten Monomyth Suburban
Can Dizzy Dizzy Soon Over Bahaluma Spoon
Magma Da Zeuhl Wortz Mekanik Live 1974 MIG
Movie Soundtracks
Abigail Meend Full Metal Jacket FMJ Soundtrack Warner
T J Stone She’s Got To Have It Deep Throat S/T Light In The Attic

Flaming Lips One Beyond Hopelessness Xmas on Mars Warner
The Last Wave Angels The Last Wave S/T
John Barry Electronic Dance Walkabout S/T Roundtable

Monkees Tapioca Tundra Summer of Love Rhino
Madder Lake 12lb Tootbrush Boogie Aust. Blues R&B from the 70’s
Oceans of Slumber Nights In White Satin Winter
Count Copernicus & The Cosmic Fire Painted Ego Back On The Street Again
Shannen James Stay in Dreams Getaway Independent Release

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