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Radio City: Thursday, 10 January 2019

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Opening Theme: Spoonful | Cola Man | Indian Tiger Waterfall

1. WVR BVBY | TKOS (The Kindness Of Strangers) | WVR BVBY
- WVR BVBY will be doing a rare gig on Saturday night at Howler with Ryan Berkeley + Harmony Byrne & The Heartbreakers. It has also just been announced that they will be playing at Drive Live during Headhunters on Monday, Feb 4th! For more details on who else is playing and how to apply, go to
2. Kerbside Collection | Afro Struttin' | Smoke Signals
- This Brisbane band's 3rd album was released recently.
3. The Buddy Miles Band | Elvira | Chapter VII
- Taken from the band's 1973 album which is the only one under this name.
4. Cold Blood | Kissing My Love | Thriller
- An awesome bluesy funk version of the Bill Withers' classic. Taken from their 4th album, released in 1973.

5. Little Richard | Born On The Bayou | King Of Rock And Roll
- Another great cover, this time of a Creedence classic. Taken from Little Richard's 1971 album.
6. Taj Mahal | Ain't That A Lot Of Love | The Natch'l Blues
- I was re-introduced this song recently and realised that it needed to be played on Radio City! This is from Taj's 2nd album, released in 1968.
7. Hat Fitz And Cara Robinson | Gotta Love | Do Tell
- Hat & Cara are touring Melbourne again in Feb. They'll be playing at Memo Music Hall on Feb 22nd as well as matinee shows at NSC on Feb 23rd and Way Out West Roots Music Club in Newport on Feb 24th. This is from their 3rd album together, released in 2014.
8. Alison Ferrier | The Cuckoo | What She Knows
- Alison's band, Opelousas are playing at the Union Hotel on Jan 27th.

9. David Bowie | The Width Of A Circle | The Man Who Sold The World
- Today is the 3rd year anniversary of the passing of David Bowie, aged 69. This is from his 3rd album, released in 1970.
10. Laura Imbruglia | The Creeps | Scared Of You
- This is the 3rd single taken from Laura's forthcoming album and it is a corker! The single launch will be at The Toff In Town on Feb 7th with support from Cyanide Thornton, Rattlesnack + DJ Get Outta My Way. She will also be supporting Teenage Fanclub on Feb 12th and 13th at The Corner Hotel.
11. Loose Tooth | Will You Evolve | Keep Up
- Loose Tooth are playing at The Gasometer Hotel tonight as part of the Collingwood Open series along with Martin Frawley Band + The Nong Babes Choir.

The Woodland Hunters Studio 5 Live Session!

12. Strange Days For A Presbyterian
13. Dead Cities
14. If You Want To Wear That Crown
15. When You Gonna Slow Down?
16. Almost Cut My Hair

12, 13 +15 are taken from their new album, The Thoughts Of Chairman Jim which is released tomorrow.
14 is taken from their first EP, So Far To Travel, So Far To Go, released in 2015.
16 is a cover of a tune by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, originally released on 'Deja Vu' in 1970.

The band's album launch is happening tomorrow night at the NSC with support from Lisa Miller Experience + Cat Canteri.

17. Ainslie Wills | Society [Radio Edit] | All You Have Is All You Need
- It has just been announced that Ainslie will be playing on The Afterglow for PBS Drive Live on Feb 6th. For more information on how to apply for any of the Drive Live shows and who else is playing, got to

Interview With The Woodland Hunters

18. Ashley Naylor | Run Away To The Sun | High Horse
- Ashley is doing a rare solo show at The Spotted Mallard on Sunday afternoon. This is from his 2nd solo album, released in 2011.
19. The Lemonheads | Settled Down Like Rain | Varshons 2
- This album is a sequel to their covers album released in 2009. It will be released on Feb 8th. This is a cover of a song by The Jayhawks.
20. The Orbweavers | Silos On The Hill | Single
- The Orbweavers released this song digitally on New Year's Eve.

Closing Theme: Ashley Davies | To Carpentaria - Into The Unknown | The Expedition Burke & Wills

Radio City for Thursday, 10 January 2019

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The Woodland Hunters

Woodland Hunters.jpg

Thursday 10 January 2019

The first band to grace the Studio 5 Live studio in 2019 is Melbourne four-piece The Woodland Hunters. Self described as a guitar band, The Woodland Hunters love guitars. Snarling, overdriven ones. Warm, acoustic ones. Guitars that howl, whisper or tell a story. They also love pedals. Mostly of the fuzzy kind, but also reverbed, tremolo-ed or phased. Along with bass and drums, these are the elements they put together to make their songs. Songs about human frailty, hippie terrorists, mind games & scary clowns.

The band join us as amidst the tour of their new album, Thoughts of Chairman Jim, with their Melbourne launch taking place at The Northcote Social Club on Friday January 11.

Listen back to Radio City for a Studio 5 Live with the Woodland Hunters. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

Studio 5 Live Rock & Indie

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