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Radio City: Thursday, 6 December 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Opening Theme: Spoonful | Cola Man | Indian Tiger Waterfall

1. Kylie Auldist | Everybody Here Wants You | Just Say
- This Jeff Buckley cover is on Kylie's first solo album, released in 2008. She is celebrating the 10th anniversary by releasing it on vinyl for the first time and playing at The Toff In Town on Saturday night.
2. The Headhunters | If You've Got It, You'll Get It | Survival Of The Fittest
- This jazz/funk tune is taken from Herbie Hancock's backing band's first album by themselves, released in 1975.
3. Harvey Sutherland | Amethyst [Ft. Nubya Garcia] | Amethyst
- Harvey's past releases have been more disco flavoured but this recent release is much jazzier and features an appearance from saxophonist Nubya. He is playing at The Pleasure Garden festival in St. Kilda this Saturday.

4. Natalie Carolan | Inside Out | I Sleep
- Natalie is playing as part of a fundraiser for the Peter Mac Research Centre on Sunday afternoon at The Wesley Anne with John Flanagan, Kate Lucas from Coda Chroma and Brian Campeau.
5. Julia Holter | Whether | Aviary
- This is taken from Julia's 5th album, released recently.
6. Panda Bear | Bros | Person Pitch
- Panda Bear is from the band Animal Collective and this track is from his 3rd solo album, released in 2007. He is playing at Meredith on Friday night and will be playing a sideshow at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Dec 13th.

7. Laura Jean | Girls On The TV | Devotion
- Laura is playing at Meredith on Friday afternoon. Her next solo Melbourne show is on Feb 22nd at The Corner Hotel.
8. Julia Jacklin | Head Alone | Crushing
- This is the 2nd single from Julia's forthcoming 2nd album, to be released on Feb 22nd. She will be playing at the Forum on March 14th.
9. Kurt Vile | Bassackwards | Bottle It In
- Taken from Kurt's recently released 8th album. He will be playing at The Forum on April 22nd as well as the Boogie Festival on Easter weekend and the Bendigo Autumn Music Festival on April 26th.

Interview With Kurt Vile

10. Kurt Vile | Rollin' With The Flow | Bottle It In
- This is a cover of T.G. Sheppard song, made famous by Charlie Rich in 1977.
11. Immigrant Union | New Win | Judas
- The band will be launching this single from their forthcoming album on Friday night at The Old Bar with support from This Way North, Gumboot & Grace Cummings.
12. The Aints | S-O-S '75 | The Church Of Simultaneous Existence
- The Aints are kicking off Meredith on Friday afternoon!
13. The Breeders | Cannonball | Last Splash
- The Breeders will be playing at Meredith on Friday night. Their sideshows at The Corner Hotel on Saturday night and The Forum on Sunday night have both sold out.

14. Big Star | In The Street [Alternate Single Mix] | Keep An Eye On The Sky [Box Set]
- This version sounds more like an alternate take rather than an alternate mix to me but it's great nonetheless! There is a Big Star & The Replacements Celebration show happening at The Spotted Mallard on Friday night featuring Claire Birchall, Mitch Dillon, Jack Poulson, Marilyn Rose and heaps more!
15. Elvis Costello & The Imposters | Unwanted Number | Look Now
- This is from Elvis' latest album and first in 5 years, released in October.
16. The Pink Tiles | For Tomorrow | #1 Fan
- The Pink Tiles are playing as part of 'Meredith Is Too Expensive Garn Oldie' on Sunday afternoon with Rhysics, Viral Eyes, Girl Germs and heaps more!
17. Mental As Anything | Berserk Warriors | Cats & Dogs
- The Mentals are playing at Meredith on Saturday afternoon.

18. Billy Bragg | A New England | Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy
- This is one of Billy's signature songs! He will be playing at Meredith on Saturday evening.
19. Cash Savage & The Last Drinks | February | Good Citizens
- Taken from the band's 4th album, released earlier this year.
20. Gene Clark | Some Misunderstanding [Alternate Version] | Bonus track on 'No Other' cd
- A great version of a song from Gene's classic album released in 1974. There is a Gene Clark tribute night happening at The Old Bar on Saturday night featuring Kai Clark, Ben Mastwyk, Penny Ikinger & Julitha Ryan, Van & Cal Walker and more!

Closing Theme: Ashley Davies | To Carpentaria - Into The Unknown | The Expedition Burke & Wills

Radio City for Thursday, 6 December 2018

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