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Radio City: Thursday, 29 March 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Opening Theme: Eilen Jewell | Radio City | Queen Of The Minor Key

1. Idris Ackammor And The Pyramids | Tinoge | An Angel Fell
- A brand new spiritual jazz album which is due for release on May 11th.
2. Menagerie | Spiral | The Arrow Of Time
- This is one of Lance Ferguson's many projects but with a more spiritual jazz bent. From the 2nd Menagerie album, released in Feb.
3. Kamasi Washington | Final Thought | The Epic
- Take from Kamsi's first album, released in 2015. He was certainly one of the highlights of Golden Plains!
4. Miles Davis | Billy Boy | Milestones
- From Miles' excellent 1958 album!

Studio 5 Live Session With the Ross McHenry Trio
5. Fear Not
6. Those Lost Days

Interview With Ross McHenry

7. Mote | Adventure Call | Samalas
- Taken from forthcoming album. They've got gigs coming up at Labour In Vain on April 6th, Grace Darling on April 13th and the Yarra Hotel on May 24th.
8. The Jim Mitchells | We're Up High | Love Hypnotic
- From this Sydney band's debut album, released recently.
9. Los Dominados | Rest In Pieces | Starlight
- The first single from the band's forthcoming 2nd album. Single launch is at Tago Mago on April 13th.

10. TV Haze | Maple Leaves | Circle The Sun
- The first single from their forthcoming third album, due out in April. Playing with Moody Beaches, Bench Press + Shepparton Airplane at Monday Night Mass at NSC on April 9th.
11. Sloan | Year Zero | 12
- Taken from this great Canadian band's 12th studio album, out on April 6th.
12. Angel Olsen | Give It Up | My Woman
- Angel is currently in the middle of playing 4 sold out solo shows at The Tote but she is also playing at Boogie Festival at Tallyrook this weekend which I believe still has some tickets remaining.
13. Amaya Laucirica | Sometimes | Rituals
- Amaya's 4th album was released earlier this month. She will be performing a Studio 5 Live session on Homebrew on Monday and her album launch is next Thursday (April 5th) at NSC with support from The Orbweavers.

14. Nicklas Sørensen | 2.2 | Solo 2
- The second wonderful solo album from this Danish guitarist who is also in the Psych-Rock band, Papir.
15. Dungen & Woods | Morning Myth | Myths 003
- A collaboration release from the Swedish band Dungen and the American band Woods, released last week.
16. Water Music | Dusted | SpaceLand
- The latest album by the prolific MJ Barker, released recently and has a fuller sound than some of his previous releases.
17. Totally Mild | Take Today | Her
- Taken from the band's 2nd album, released earlier this year.

18. Led Zeppelin | That's The Way | Led Zeppelin III
- Thought I'd play an oldie but a goodie in honour of Robert Plant touring Australia. He's at the Palais Theatre on Sunday and Monday night and this is a LZ tune that he still plays regularly in his live sets.
19. Jess Williamson | I See The White | Cosmic Wink
- This is the first single from Jess' third album, released on May 11th.
20. Eaten By Dogs | Over Now | Anxiety Ain't No Currency
- Eaten By Dogs are playing at The Old Bar on Monday night with Justin & The Comics and Smoking Flowers.

Closing Theme: Ashley Davies | To Carpentaria - Into The Unknown | The Expedition Burke & Wills

Radio City for Thursday, 29 March 2018

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Ross McHenry Trio

Ross McHenry Trio 2018

Thursday 29 March 2018

Ross McHenry is a composer, bass player and record producer whose work forms a part of the ongoing international discourse on creative improvised music, its history and its future.

His original compositions encompass a broad range of styles including jazz, afrobeat, contemporary electronic and sample based music. Ross’ work reflects the unique and changing cultural landscape of Australian creative music and aims to explore the idea of modern Australian cultural identity within the context of an increasingly interconnected global musical landscape.

Known for his work in Australia as the leader of afro-jazz ensemble Shaolin Afronauts and as a solo artistm Ross has performed extensively around Australia and traveled the world collaborating with many artists including Mark de Clive Lowe, Myele Manzanza, Matthew Sheens, Marcus Strickland, Corey King, Duane Eubanks, Tivon Pennicott, Eddie Bo and Marva Whitney.

Joining Ross on this new venture are long time collaborators, NZ drumming powerhouse and First Word label mate, Myele Manzanza, and NY based multi-award winning Australian pianist, Matthew Sheens.

The trio join us as they tour their recently released and critically acclaimed record The Outsiders.

Listen back to the Ross McHenry Trio's live set on Radio City. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

Studio 5 Live Jazz Rock & Indie

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