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Radio City: Thursday, 24 August 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

1.Jon Cleary|When You Get Back|Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentleman
2.Mayfield|On The Ropes|Victim of Circumstance
3.Reuben Stone|Trouble|Reuben Stone Live in Edinburgh - EP
4.Katchafire|Who You With|Best So Far Katchafire

5.Dan Kelly|Hold On I’m Coming On|Dan Kelly’s Dream
6.Even|Stop and Go Man Now|Less is More
7.Stems|At First Sight|Buds
8.Blackeyed Susans|Lover or The Loved|Close Your Eyes and See

9.Jen Cloher|Forgot Myself|Jen Cloher
10.Adalita|Trust Is Rust|All Day Venus
11.Patti Smith|Redondo Beach|Horses

12.Amyl n the Sniffers|I’m Not a Loser|Big Attraction - EP
13.Spazzy’s|I Want A Divorce|Dumb is Forever
14.Ramones|I Don’t Want To Grow up|Adios Amigos

Collaboration segment feat AB Original and Dan Sultan:
15.AB Original |Jan 26th |Reclaim Australia
16.AB Original|2 Black 2Strong|Reclaim Australia
17.Dan Sultan|Kimberley Calling|Blackbird

18.Stonefield|Love|As Above So Below
19.The Scientists|Swampland|Absolute Scientists
20.Ice Cream Hands|Why’d You Have To Leave Me This Way|Why’d You Have To Leave Me This Way - EP
21.Cactus Channel w guest vocalist Sam Cromack|I’m Not ready To Relax|Do It For Nothing - EP

22.Julia Jacklin|Leadlight|Don’t Let The Kids Win
23.Dead Salesmen|Edan’s song|Only Fire - EP
24.Leah Senior|Jenny|Pretty Faces
25.Charm of Finches|I Don’t Mind Being Alone|Staring at the Starry Ceiling

26.Sweet Jean|Still Here|Monday To Friday
27.Jordie Lane|Out of State|Glasselland
28.Wilson Pickers|Vale|You Can’t Catch Fish From A Train
29.Wilson Pickers|Man Of Misery|You Can’t Catch Fish From A Train

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