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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 23 December 2017

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Paying respects to the late singer Michael Prophet (1957-2017), and having a chat with Ugandan-Australian dancehall artist SK Simeon ahead of his "Ram Dance Don" album launch.

MICHAEL PROPHET - Love and Unity (Vivian Jackson)
KING TUBBY & YABBY U - Chanting Dub (Vivian Jackson)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Praise You Jah Jah (Vivian Jackson)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Fight To The Top (Vivian Jackson)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Hear I Prayer (Vivian Jackson)
MICHAEL PROPHET & SCIENTIST - Death To All Racists (Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet Scientist At Dub Station: Vivian Jackson)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Gunman (Volcano)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Youthman (Arrival)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Rich Man, Poor Man (Love Is An Earthly Thing: CSA)
MICHAEL PROPHET & SCIENTIST - Stop Oppression Now (Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet Scientist At Dub Station: Vivian Jackson)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Love Is An Earthly Thing (Love Is An Earthly Thing: CSA)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Jah Jah Rain A Fall (Certify: Burning Sounds)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Hold On To What You Got (Volcano)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Back Off (Certify: Burning Sounds)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Righteous Are The Conqueror (Volcano)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Just Talking (Greensleeves)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Help Them Please (Greensleeves)
MICHAEL PROPHET - Super Star (Roots Tradition)
MICHAEL PROPHET - True Born African (Love Linch)
MR WILLIAMZ & JOE LICKSHOT - The General Comes To Town (The General Comes To Town: Green Lion Crew)
SK SIMEON & DEEP FRIED DUB - Stay Strong (Stay Strong: Dubmission)
IRIE SOULJAH - Dreader Than Dread (Kabaka Pyramid, Genius T & Irie Souljah)
5 STAR - Lightning Storm (Kabaka Pyramid & Genius T)
PROMISE NO PROMISES - Mount Zion Calling (No Can Do: MacLes Music Factory)
JUNIOR REID - Rappa Pam Pam (JR)
NITTY GRITTY - Run Down The World (Jammys)
SK SIMEON - Ram Dance Daddy (Ram Dance Don: Naram)
SK SIMEON - Live and Direk (Ram Dance Don: Unsoundbwoy)
SK SIMEON - Here To Stay (Ram Dance Don: King Toppa)
SK SIMEON - Wheel Them Out (Ram Dance Don: King Toppa)

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