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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 26 September 2015

Playlist: try Jah love

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Featuring the Rumours riddim from Soundbank Music, the Social riddim from Royal Order, the new Micah Shemaiah album "Original Dread", and a spotlight on some new female artists...

JUNIOR ROSS - Babylon Fall (Babylon Fall: Stars)
PRINCE ALLA - Go Down In Silence (Heaven Is My Roof: Stars)
PRINCE ALLA - Heaven Is My Roof (Heaven Is My Roof: Stars)
JACKIE MITTOO - Black Organ (Studio One)
NIOMINKA BI - Selassi (Shalom Salam: Makasound)
RONNIE DAVIS - You Betrayed Me (Attack)
JOHNNY CLARKE - You Must Realise (Attack)
YAMI BOLO - African People (Healing Of All Nations: Roots Foundation & Thompson Sound)
RICO RODRIGUEZ - Man From Wareika (Man From Wareika: Island)
RICO RODRIGUEZ - Africa (Man From Wareika: Island)
RAS MICHAEL & THE SONS OF NEGUS - None A Jah Jah Children No Cry (Rastafari: Grounation)
JOHN HOLT - Police In Helicopter (Volcano) --request
BILLY BOYO - One Spliff A Day (Volcano)
BEENIE MAN - Over The Ocean (Darace 12")
BEENIE MAN - Too Fancy (Darace 12")
MICAH SHEMAIAH & TJ - Spengaleng (Original Dread: Descendant Music)
MICAH SHEMAIAH & EXILE DI BRAVE - Eezy Breezy (Original Dread: Descendant Music)
KRISTINE ALECIA - Freedom Fighters
LADY G - Calling Out To You (Smile: Indie Rootz)
QUEEN OMEGA - Free (Blessings Flow vol 1: House Of Music)
NATTALI RIZE & NOTIS - Mountain (New Era Frequency: Roots Level)
I MEDZ - Mental Slavery (ARM Music)
ASKALA SELASSIE - Warrior Empress (Overdub riddim: Altafaan)
TORCH - When The Cup Overflow (Overdub riddim: Altafaan)
JESSE ROYAL - Set It Straight (Overdub riddim: Altafaan)
GINJAH - Many of Them (Bag A Bills riddim: Reggae Vibes)
COURTNEY MELODY - Gideon Soldier (Bag A Bills riddim: Reggae Vibes)
PRINCE THEO - Bag A Bills (Bag A Bills riddim: Reggae Vibes)
JAH VINCI - Try Jah Love (Rumours riddim: Soundbank Music)
MILLION STYLEZ & NORRIS MAN - Rumours (Rumours riddim: Soundbank Music)
J BOOG & SIZZLA - Stand Firm (Social riddim: Royal Order Music)
KEIDA - Mad World (Social riddim: Royal Order Music)
GAPPY RANKS - Story About Marvin (Social riddim: Royal Order Music)
IBA MAHR - Glory Of The King (Social riddim: Royal Order Music)
JAH BLESS - Be Strong (Redemption: Zion High Productions)
MIDNITE & I GRADE - Reminder (Assini: I Grade)

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