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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 2 May 2015

Playlist: never get burnt

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Featuring new riddims Country Bus from Chimney Records, Reggaemiles from Jugglerz, and revisiting the Idrop riddim from One Drop Music....

WAYNE SMITH - Chant Down (Indian Casino riddim: Evidence)
PEETAH MORGAN - Can't Break Our Souls (Indian Casino riddim: Evidence)
WAYNE SMITH - Call You (Indian Casino riddim: Evidence)
THE ETHIOPIANS - I'll Never Get Burnt
ALTON ELLIS - Big Bad Boy (Mafia)
DENNIS ALCAPONE - Jungle of Crime (Mafia)
PETER TOSH - I'm The Toughest (Bush Doctor: Rolling Stone)
U ROY & THE HEPTONES - Freedom Train
RANKING JOE - John Never Saw Them Coming (TR Groovemaster)
DONOVAN CARLOS - Be Thankful (17 North Parade: Impact) --request
CORNEL CAMPBELL - Hear Me Now Star (Jamaican Recordings)
BRIGADIER JERRY - Jah Jah Children (Uprising 7")
ALBERT MALAWI - Children Of The Emperor Version (Uprising 7")
BRIGADIER JERRY - Pirate Columbus (Uprising 7")
BURNING SPEAR - Columbus (Hail HIM: Burning Spear) --request
CULTURE - Down In Jamaica (As Hard As The Rest: Joe Gibbs)
JUSTIN HINDS & THE DOMINOES - Spotlight (Jezebel: Island)
KATCHAFIRE - Frisk Me Down (Lion House)
CLINTON FEARON - Long Run Short Catch (Goodness: Boogie Brown)
NIYORAH & HOUSE OF SHEM - Rising Sun (Rising Sun: Denkenesh Records)
FIKIR AMLAK - I Garden (My Time Will Come: One Drop Music)
FIKIR AMLAK - I&I A Dread (My Time Will Come: One Drop Music)
FIKIR AMLAK - Concentration Dub (My Time Will Come: One Drop Music)
BLESSED EVERY TIME - South Pacific Slavery (Idrop riddim: Roots Time)
KALANI KEALOHA - Irie Eyes (Idrop riddim: Roots Time)
SOUL REDEMPTION - Love Is (Idrop riddim: Roots Time)
ELJAI - Chozen (Idrop riddim: Roots Time)
LUCIANO & ANTHONY B - Never Leave The Roots (Idrop riddim: Roots Time)
CERA KYMARNI - Island Breeze
ASSASSIN - Country Bus (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
J BOOG - Let Me Love You (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
JAH VINCI - My Other Half (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
JEMERE MORGAN & GRAMPS MORGAN - Try Jah Love (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
TARRUS RILEY - Cool Me Down (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
I OCTANE - Life Ain't Easy (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
KONSHENS - It's Gonna Be Okay (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
MORGAN HERITAGE - Talk Dem Ah Talk (Country Bus riddim: Chimney)
CALI P - Solution (Reggaemiles riddim: Jugglerz)
LUCIANO - Where Are The Hearts (Reggaemiles riddim: Jugglerz)
EXCO LEVI - Today (Reggaemiles riddim: Jugglerz)
REBELLION THE RECALLER - Really Wanna See (Reggaemiles riddim: Jugglerz)
I-DREN ARMSTRONG - Jah Child (Reggaemiles riddim: Jugglerz)
JAH SUN - The Storm (Reggaemiles riddim: Jugglerz)
MILLION STYLEZ & RAS MANUEL - Healing Of The Nation (Reggaemiles riddim: Jugglerz)
BUSHMAN - Hard Ears (The Revolt Experience riddim: Biggy Music)
DEEP JAHI - Can't Take Jah Away (The Revolt Experience riddim: Biggy Music)

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