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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 14 March 2015

Playlist: ease up babylon

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Featuring new riddims Consciousness Rules (aka Solomon), Fight It, Hold A Medi, and 360, plus the new Exco Levi album "Country Man".

SANDMAN - Ease Up Babylon (Consciousness Rules riddim: Run Things)
JIMMY RILEY - Can't Go On This Way (Consciousness Rules riddim: Run Things)
ADMIRAL TIBET - Wi Nuh Fraid A Dem (Consciousness Rules riddim: Run Things)
LOUIE CULTURE - Hype Fashion (Consciousness Rules riddim: Run Things)
LUCIANO & JIGSY KING - Dem Nuh Ready Yet (Consciousness Rules riddim: Run Things)
YAMI BOLO - Gun Fool (Consciousness Rules riddim: Run Things)
LOUIE CULTURE - Curfew (Consciousness Rules riddim: Run Things)
CHARLIE CHAPLIN, DON CARLOS, JR REID - Skanky Producer (Tamoki Wambesi)
DILLINGER - Stumbling Block (CB200: Island)
SUGAR MINOTT - Every Little Thing (Mandingo)
CAPTAIN SINBAD - Run To Babylon (Mandingo)
DENNIS BROWN - Funny Feeling (Music Works)
JIMMY RILEY - Poor Immigrants (Jimmy Riley 7")
JIMMY RILEY - Bridge The Gap (Yes 12")
EARTH AND STONE - Sweet Africa (Earthquake 7")
ROD TAYLOR - Every Little Thing (Ossie 7")
RAS MUHAMAD - So Tired (Fight It riddim: Greenyard)
NATURAL BLACK - Dear Lord (Fight It riddim: Greenyard)
JAH MASON - Never Forget (Fight It riddim: Greenyard)
I WAYNE - They Don't Know (Hold A Medi riddim: Hitmatic)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN - Mirror (Hold A Medi riddim: Hitmatic)
GENTLEMAN - Dutty Soul (Hold A Medi riddim: Hitmatic)
ELOQUENT - Gun Alone Dem Glorify (Dreams riddim: Birch 7") --request
ELOQUENT - Grandma Cry (DST riddim: Yellow Moon 7") --request
ELOQUENT - Corey (The Handcart Market) --request
EXCO LEVI - Country Man (Country Man: Penthouse & High Priest Music)
EXCO LEVI - Since I Threw The Comb Away (Country Man: Penthouse & High Priest Music)
EXCO LEVI - Natty Haffi Long (Country Man: Penthouse & High Priest Music)
BERES HAMMOND - 360 Turn (360 riddim: Heavy Beat)
SCREWDRIVER - Mama, Papa (360 riddim: Heavy Beat)
MEDITATIONS - War In A Babylon Kingdom (360 riddim: Heavy Beat)
AMBELIQUE - System A Go Down (360 riddim: Heavy Beat)
GLEN WASHINGTON - The Fire That's Burning (360 riddim: Heavy Beat)
PRESSURE - Hold The Powaz (360 riddim: Heavy Beat)
BUJU BANTON - Love Sponge (Gargamel) --request
BUJU BANTON & BERES HAMMOND - Thanks Fi Mi Pride and Joy (Penthouse) --request
TORCH - I've Got Love (Penthouse)
PROTOJE - Answer To Your Name (Overstand)

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