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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 20 December 2014

Playlist: how I&I a carry on

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Featuring new riddims including Jah Highway, Reggae Root, Paparazzi, and Amazing Grace, plus new music from Midnite, Dezarie, Torch, Bugle, and more...

NORRIS MAN - Babylon (Dubwise Connection: I-Sight Records)
LEE SCRATCH PERRY - Return Of The Super Ape (Upsetter) --request
THE UPSETTERS - Crab Yars (Upsetter)
LINTON KWESI JOHNSON & VIVIAN WEATHERS - Song of Blood (Dread Beat and Blood: Virgin)
STEEL PULSE - Blues Dance Raid (True Democracy: Wiseman Doctrine) --request
KING STITT - Fire Corner (Reggae Fire Beat: Jamaica Gold) --request
THE UNTOUCHABLES - Cool Down (Typhoon)
THE ETHIOPIANS - Solid As A Rock (Success)
BOB ANDY - You Don't Know (Green Door)
THIRD WORLD - Jah Glory (live)
PETER TOSH - Igziabher (live at the One Love Peace Concert)
PETER TOSH - Crystal Ball (Mystic Man: EMI)
CHEZIDEK - Give Thanks (Jah Highway riddim: Altafaan)
TAFARI - One Jah (Jah Highway riddim: Altafaan)
LUCIANO - Don't Sell Out (Jah Highway riddim: Altafaan)
GENTLEMAN, DADDY RAS, MARK WONDER - Jah Highway (Jah Highway riddim: Altafaan)
BERES HAMMOND - Keeping It Real (Heavy Beat)
BERES HAMMOND - Paparazzi (Paparazzi riddim: Heavy Beat)
LLOYD BROWN - Tings A Go Get Hot Tonight (Paparazzi riddim: Heavy Beat)
SCREWDRIVER - Don't Speak From The Heart (Paparazzi riddim: Heavy Beat)
PRESSURE - Mama Never Raise No Fool (Paparazzi riddim: Heavy Beat)
DAVILLE - Let's Do It
BUSY SIGNAL - Mi Gi Dem (Amazing Grace riddim: Stainless)
COLLI COLLIE - Hol A Medi (Amazing Grace riddim: Stainless)
KANANGA - Treat The People Right (Amazing Grace riddim: Stainless)
BUSY SIGNAL - Today For You (Amazing Grace riddim: Stainless)
DEZARIE - African Heart Lionheart (Love In Your Meditation: Benjamin Newton)
DEZARIE - Worthy Was She (Love In Your Meditation: Benjamin Newton)
MIDNITE & RAS BATCH - Weather The Storm (Beauty For Ashes: I Grade)
MIDNITE - How I&I Carry On (Ride Tru: I Grade)
MIDNITE - Voices Of The Remnancy (Ride Tru: I Grade)
GAPPY RANKS - Grow Your Natty (Reggae Root riddim: Kheil Stone)
CALI P - Carry The Load (Reggae Root riddim: Kheil Stone)
DELLY RANX - Ragin Fire (Reggae Root riddim: Kheil Stone)
ESCO - High (Reggae Root riddim: Kheil Stone)
EXCO LEVI & IBA MAHR - Sweet Mama Africa (Reggae Root riddim: Kheil Stone)
TORCH & BUGLE - Fire Man A Bun (Weedy G Soundforce)
GROUNDATION - Born Again (A Miracle: Young Tree)

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