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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 15 November 2014

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Featuring new riddims Four Seasons, International, 7th Heaven, and Before And After, plus throwback riddims Blessing and Weeping Eyes...

CLIFTON GIBBS & THE SELECTED FEW - Brimstone and Fire (Studio One)
SOUND DIMENSION - Full Up (Studio One)
ALTON ELLIS - The Well Run Dry (Studio One)
KEN BOOTHE - Silver Words (Observer)
I KONG - Take A Hold (Iroko Record 12")
PETER TOSH & THE WAILERS - Soon Come (Beverley's)
LOPEZ WALKER - Trial Days (Children Of Jah: Blood and Fire)
SWEENY & THE WAILERS BAND - Won't Come Easy (Impact)
PRINCE LINCOLN - Live Up To Your Name (Studio One)
HORACE ANDY - Get Wise (Sunshot)
BUSHMAN - 77 Times 7 (Signs: VP)
DAVILLE - Life Is So Precious (Four Seasons riddim: Fireman Crew & Union World)
LUTAN FYAH - Mama Love (Four Seasons riddim: Fireman Crew & Union World)
ZAGGA - Heal The Soul (Four Seasons riddim: Fireman Crew & Union World)
TORCH - Evilous (Four Seasons riddim: Fireman Crew & Union World)
CAPLETON - Stepping (International riddim: Real Links)
KANANGA - Negusa Negast (International riddim: Real Links)
GOTT YO - Things Hard (International riddim: Real Links)
EXCO LEVI - Mama Prayer (International riddim: Real Links)
BUSY SIGNAL - Lonely (International riddim: Real Links)
NATURAL BLACK - Insane (International riddim: Real Links)
LUTAN FYAH - No Good Fi You (International riddim: Real Links)
KORO FYAH - New Day (Bebble Rock)
AIDONIA - Youths Dem (Tiger Shark)
TARRUS RILEY - Jah Jah Run Things (7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
BUGLE - Survivor (7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
KIBAKI - Better Way (7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
ALAINE - Make It Home Again (7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
I OCTANE - I Will Be There(7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
KABAKA PYRAMID - Waiting For You (7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
DEMARCO - From We Have Life (7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
ZAGGA - Prayer A Day (7th Heaven riddim: DJ Frass)
PAUL ELLIOT - Dem A Worry and Fret (Blessing riddim: Star Trail 7")
JOSIE MEL - The Blessing (Blessing riddim: Star Trail 7")
IYAHSHANTI - Above The Water (Blessing riddim: Star Trail 7")
BERES HAMMOND - Good Night To Love (Blessing riddim: Star Trail 7")
ANTHONY B - Who Shoot First (Blessing riddim: Star Trail 7")
JOSIE MEL - Talk Talking (Weeping Eyes riddim: Blend Dem)
NORRIS MAN - Future Is Ahead To Come (Weeping Eyes riddim: Blend Dem)
EVERTON BLENDER - Weeping Eyes (Weeping Eyes riddim: Blend Dem)
JAH MASON - Mr Compromise (Weeping Eyes riddim: Blend Dem)
RC, EXCO LEVI, SHUGA - Ready When You Ready (Penthouse)
BUGLE - Insecurities (Before and After riddim: Not Nice)
JAHMIEL - Struggles (Before and After riddim: Not Nice)
KHAGO - Life (Before and After riddim: Not Nice)
I OCTANE - Money (Before and After riddim: Not Nice)
GEMINI - Fake Long Time (Before and After riddim: Not Nice)
TARRUS RILEY & ZAGGA - Free Up (Happy Hour riddim: Chimney) --request
SAGITARR - Acapella (Feel Good riddim: Bright Beam Music)

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