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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 25 October 2014

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Paying respects to the legendary singer John Holt, and Roots Radics drummer Lincoln "Style" Scott... RIP

JOHN HOLT - I Don't Want To See You Cry (Studio One)
LYN TAITT & THE JETS - I Don't Want To See You Cry (Merritone)
THE PARAGONS - On The Beach (Treasure Isle)
THE PARAGONS - The Tide Is High (Treasure Isle)
THE PARAGONS - Only A Smile (Treasure Isle)
THE PARAGONS - Left With A Broken Heart (Andy's)
JOHN HOLT - Strange Things (Sunshot)
JOHN HOLT - Riding For A Fall (Moodisc)
JOHN HOLT - Stick By Me (Jackpot)
JOHN HOLT - A Love I Can Feel (Studio One)
JOHN HOLT - Stealing Stealing (Treasure Isle)
JOHN HOLT - Hooligan (Studio One)
JOHN HOLT - Ali Baba (Treasure Isle)
JOHN HOLT - Up Park Camp (Channel One)
JOHN HOLT - Ghetto Queen (Volcano)
JOHN HOLT - Police In Helicopter (Volcano)
EEK A MOUSE - Ganja Smuggling (Volcano)
BARRINGTON LEVY - Sensimilla (Poor Man Style: Thompson Sound)
FREDDIE McGREGOR - Don't Play The Fool (Big Ship: Thompson Sound)
FREDDIE McGREGOR - Big Ship (Big Ship: Thompson Sound)
SCIENTIST & MICHAEL PROPHET - Ghost of Frankenstein
PETER BROGGS - Don't Get Weary Rasta (Progressive Youth: Ras)
DON CARLOS - Dice Cup (Volcano)
DON CARLOS - Hog and Goat (Well Charge)
BUNNY WAILER - Jammins (Rock N Groove: Solomonic)
THE WAILING SOULS - Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall (Thompson Sound)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Ice Cream Love (Volcano)
PRINCE FARI - Ask Ask (Umkhonto We Sizwe: Tomoki Wambesi)
GREGORY ISAACS - Night Nurse (Night Nurse: Island)
TRISTON PALMER - Entertainment (Midnight Rock)
YELLOWMAN - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt (Volcano)
DUB SYNDICATE - Ravi Shankar (On-U ound)
LUCIANO - One In A Billion (Lion & Roots)
CAPLETON - Time (Lion & Roots)

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