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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 8 March 2014

Playlist: judgement time

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Featuring new riddims Islababad and Jah Warriah, plus new Midnite, Lutan Fyah, Kabaka Pyramid & Jahdan Blakkamore, Chronixx & Protoje...

JUNIOR BYLES - Beat Down Babylon (Upsetter 7")
GLEN MILLER - Dungeon (Mafiatone 7")
THE ETHIOPIANS - Pirate (Techniques)
MAX ROMEO - Warning Warning (Open The Iron Gate: Blood and Fire)
LINVAL THOMPSON - Blood Gonna Run (Thompson Sound 7")
THE MYSTIC EYES - Judgement Time (Thompson Sound 7")
WAYNE JARRETT - Judgement Time (Ashantites)
PETER BROGGS - In This Time Of Judgement (Rastafari Liveth!: Ras)
ENOS McLEOD - Sufferer's Prayer (Iroko 7")
LINVAL THOMPSON - Hills (Iroko 7")
DON JAH CARLOS - Black Harmony (Rawse 7")
DON CARLOS - I Like It (Volcano)
DENNIS BROWN - Have You Ever (Taxi)
DENNIS BROWN - Sitting and Watching (Taxi)
BITTY McLEAN - Brotherman (The Taxi Sessions: Taxi & Silent River)
BERES HAMMOND & SHAGGY - Fight This Feeling (Taxi)
GAPPY RANKS - Pumpkin Belly (Peckings)
GAPPY RANKS - Thanks and Praise (Jazzwad)
PROTOJE & CHRONIXX - Who Knows (Overstand)
CHRONIXX - Iyah Walk (Islababad riddim: Digital B)
VYSIONAER - Make It Through (Islababad riddim: Digital B)
JAMELODY - Fit (Islababad riddim: Digital B)
RAGING FYAH - World A People (Islababad riddim: Digital B)
CHEVAUGHN - Lucky Token (Islababad riddim: Digital B)
MIDNITE - This World Happened (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
JAHDAN BLAKKAMORE & PRESSURE - Cycles of Life (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
ARKAINGELLE - Igh Sheild (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
GLEN WASHINGTON - Touch Not The Lord's Annointed (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
LLOYD BROWN - Not From Me (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
RAS BATCH - Lie From Truth (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
NIYORAH - Media Portray (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
JAHMALI - How U A Go (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
ZIGGI RECADO - Many More (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
QUEEN OMEGA - I Am Blessed (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
LUTAN FYAH - Beat Dem (Jah Warriah riddim: Zion I Kings)
MIDNITE - Betterment Mouth (Beauty For Ashes: I Grade)
REEMAH - Better Way (Check Your Words: Feel Line)
JAHDAN BLAKKAMORE & KABAKA PYRAMID - For The Children (Lustre Kings)
LUTAN FYAH - Push Wood (Shiah Coore Productions)
BUSY SIGNAL - Things Like These (Stainless & Real Links)

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