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Fiesta Jazz: Saturday, 7 April 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

New Tiemberos All Stars|Asterisco|New Tiemberos All Stars|Bis Music

Pedro Guzman & Jibaro Jazz|Las Nubes|Jibaro Jazz|Independent

Victor Samalot|Esperanza|Esperanza|Independent

Calle Mambo Project|Hot Fire|See The Light|Independent

Steven Kroon|Azulito|In Your Dreams|KroonAtune Records

Steven Kroon|I Know You Do|On The #1|KroonAtune Records

Steven Kroon|Sabrosongo|Without A Doubt|KroonAtune Records

Eliane Elias|Carioca Nights|Brazilian Classics|Blue Note Records

Eliane Elias|Falsa Baiana|Bossa Nova Stories|EMI Music Japan

Eliane Elias|Manhatan|Kissed By Nature|Blue Bird Records

Bobby Valentin|Homenaje a Cachao|Mi Ritmo Es Bueno|Bronco Records

La Picante Orquesta|Rumeros De Metal|Reflejo|Independent

Tromboranga|Otro Ladrillo En La Pared|Tumbando Fronteras|Independent

Diego El Cigala|Hacha Y Machete|Indestruictible|Sony

Mas Bajo|Llegó La Timba|Simple Y Natural|Independent

Los Van Van |Porque Lo Haces?|Legado|EGREM

Juan De Marcos And The Afro Cuban All Stars|La Mujer Del Barbaro|Absolutely Live II - Viva
Mexico|DM Ahora! Productions

New Tiemberos All Stars|El Popular|New Tiemberos All Stars|Bis Music

Fiesta Jazz for Saturday, 7 April 2018

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