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Junkyard: Thursday, 8 March 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Little Desert - Captive - Saeva - It records

Mollusc - Touch It Up - Mollusc EP - It records

Habits - Veins - Ugly Cry - It records

Time For Dreams - You’ve got a friend - from the forthcoming Time For Dreams 7”- It records

White Hex - It's Only a Game - Gold Nights - It records

Vacuum - Dredd - from the forthcoming Vacuum album - It records

Primitive Calculators - On Drugs (pt 1) - Single On Drugs - It records

Taipan Tiger Girls - Motion - 1 - It records

IT Records Special ( with Kate Reid live in the studio), presented by Lisa Gibbs


On Junkyard this week, Lisa Gibbs will be presenting Junkyard, as part of International Women's Day, joining her in the studio will be Kate Reid, the founder of IT Records. The show will focus on a selection of IT records releases including: Mollusc, Time for Dreams, Taipan Tiger Girls, Primitive Calculators, Little Desert & White Hex to name a few. Should be good, looking forward to it!

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