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Fang It!: Thursday, 12 April 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Queens of the stone age/feel good hit of the summer/rated R/2.44
Rolling stones/paint it black/aftermath (US version)/3.20
Ted Mulry gang/jump in my car/here we are/3.08
Turbonegro/I got erection/ass cobra/2.30
Spinal tap/big bottom/this is spinal tap/3.32

Electric six/Gay bar/fire/1.53

Dern rutledge/Lines on the table/johnny no star/3.45

Monster magnet/ejection/mindfucker/5.00
Fu manchu/clone of the universe/clone of the universe/3.00

Social distortion/winners and losers/sex,love and rocknRoll/4.45
Inepsy/warriors of the wasteland/no speed limit for self destruction/5.03s
Motorhead/iron fist/iron fist/3.00
Tiger junkies/ D beat street rock and rollers/d-beat street rock and rollers/2.07

Judas priest/hell bent for leather/hell bent for leather/2.26
Thin lizzy/Cold sweat/thunder and lightning/3.06
Diamondhead/Am I evil?/lightning to the nations/7.42
Misfits/last caress/static age/1.57

Stranglers/peaches/rattus norvegicus/4.06
Ian dury/wake up and make love to me/4.23
Clash/the magnificent seven/sandinista/5.37
Devo/it taKES A WORRIED MAN/freedom of choice/3.00

Beastie boys/root down/ill communication/3.32
Ice-t/colors/colors soundtrack/4.25
Erik B and Rakim/paid in full/colors soundtrack/7.02

Bodycount/bodycount/cop killer/5.18
Anthrax w/public enemy/bring the noise/attack of the killer B's/3.31

Fang It! for Thursday, 12 April 2018

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