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Burning Bitumen: Saturday, 1 December 2018

Playlist: Battlegrave

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Nekrofilth | Poison | Worm Ritual

Blackrat | Lust to Burn | Dead Reverence
Battlegrave | Rot in Oblivion | Relics of a Dead earth
Chatting With Battlegrave
Demolition Hammer | Carnivorous Obsession | Epidemic of Violence
Blood Feast | Hunted, Stalked And Slain | Chopped, Sliced and Diced
Battlegrave | Relics of a Dead Earth | Relics of a Dead Earth
Chatting With Battlegrave Part II
Morbid Saint | Damien | Spectrum of Death
Desecrator | Manic | Manic
Battlegrave | PT II: The Flames that Lick Your Flesh
Chatting With Battlegrave Part III
Immortal | One By One | Sons of Northern Darkness
Emperor | With Strength I Burn | Anthems to Welkin at Dusk
Battlegrave | Swallowed by the Waves | Relics of a Dead Earth

Dødknell | Hammer of Hate | K.I.L.L
REVENGE | Diseased Intrusion | Deceiver​.​Diseased​.​Miasmic
Hexreign | Father of Filth | Hexreign

Deceased | To Serve the Insane | Ghostly White
Amon(Deicide) | Sacrifical Suicide | Amon: Feasting the Beast
Unleashed | They Rape the Land | The Hunt for the White Christ

Philip H Anselmo & the Illegals | Little Fucking Heroes | Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue
Religious Observance | Seppuku | Utter Discomfort
Unbound | All Fuckin' Hate | Black Hole Hatred

Voivod | Tribal Convictions | Dimension Hatröss

Burning Bitumen for Saturday, 1 December 2018

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