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Shaggin' The Night Away: Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

1: Jimmy Ruffin:| The In Crowd:|One Track Mind:|
2: The Miracles:| Oh My What A Groove:| One Track Mind
3: The Temptations:|I Got Heaven Right Here On Earth:| One Track Mind
4: Jimmy Smith:| Organ Grinders Swing:| Talkin’ Verve
5: Marvin Gaye:| The Touch Of Venus:| One Track Mind
6: Edwin Starr:| Head Over In Love With You :| One Track Mind
7: ????:| Fatback & Corn Liquor:| Carolina Beach Music
8: The Andre Sisters:| Hold Tight(I Want Some Seafood Mama):| Best Of
9: Perez Prado:| Mambo #8:| Mambo Swing
10: Squirrel Nut Zippers:| Palin With Al:| Putamayo Presents
11: Grover Mitchell:| What Hurts:| Masterpieces
12: Johnny Watson:| It’s Better To Cry:| Masterpieces
13: Ty Karim :| Lighten Up:| Masterpieces
14: The Pretenders:| A Broken Heart Cry’s:| Masterpieces
15: The Ovations:| I’m In Love:| Masterpieces
16: Thomas Bailey:| Wish I Was Back:| King’s Serious Soul -
17: Eugene Evans:| Too Much Pain:| King’s Serious Soul
18: Eddie James:| Reap What You Sow:| King’s Serious Soul
19: Robert Moore:| Am I Wasting My Time:| King’s Serious Soul
20: Gloria Walker:| When My Baby Cries:| King’s Serious Soul
21: Porgy & The Monarchs:| That Girl:| Manhattan Soul
22: Tommy Hunt:| New Neighbourhood:| Manhattan Soul
23: Freddie Hughes:| I Gotta Keep My Bluff In:| Manhattan Soul
24: Will Hatcher:| Who Am I Without You Baby:| Manhattan Soul
25: Ed Bruce:| I’m Gonna Have A Party:| Manhattan Soul
26: Betty Fikes:| A Fool Who Used To Live Here:| Masterpieces
27: Bobby Burn:| I’m A Dreamer:| Masterpieces
28: Darrow Fletcher:| Hope For Love:| Masterpieces
29: Higher Feelings:| I Want To Stay High For You:| Masterpieces
39: Freddie Hubbard:| You’re Gonna Lose Me:| Masterpieces
40: Eugene Evans:| Lonely Man:| King’s Serious Soul
41: Billy Soul:| She’s Gone:| King’s Serious Soul
42: Patterson Twins:| Come To Me:| King’s Serious Soul
43: Nancy Butts:| Letter Full Of Tears:| King’s Serious Soul
44: Marie “Queenie” Lyons:| We’ll Cry Together:| King’s Serious Soul
45: The Inspirations:| Kiss & Make Up:| Manhattan Soul
46: Irma & The Inspirations:| Lost Love:| Manhattan Soul
47: Lois Lane:| No Jealous Lover:| Manhattan Soul
48:Leon Hayward:| Soul Cargo:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
49: Neal Tommy:| Going To A Happening:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
50: Gwen McCrae:| Lead Me On:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
51: Bettye Swan:| Make Me Yours:| Soul Cargo Volume 1:
52: Jimmy Burns:| Give Her To Me:| Soul Cargo Volume 9
53: Geno Washington:| Michael:| Soul Cargo Volume 9
54: Alvin Cash:| Washington Monkey:| Soul Cargo Volume 9
55: Max Rebbenack:| Sahara:| Soul Cargo Volume 9
56: Juggy:| Soul At Sunrise:| Soul Cargo Volume 9
57: Gay Meadows & The Yobyalps:| Only One:| Soul Cargo Volume 9
58: Bobby Moore:| Hey Mr. DJ:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
59: Bobby Bland:| I Ain’t Myself Any More:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
60: Wilmer & The Dukes:| Give Me One More Chance:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
61: Rex Garvin:| Believe It Or Not:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
62: Clarence Carter:| Thread The Needle:| Soul Cargo Volume 3
63: The Ikettes:| I’m So Thankful:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
64: The Tams:| Untie Me:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
65: Donnie Elbert:| Do Wacha Wanna:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
66: Ramsey Lewis:| Jade East:| Soul Cargo Volume 3
67: Errol Garner:| Affinidad:| Soul Cargo Volume 1:
68: Jamie Thomas:| I Spy For The FBI:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
69: Billy Butler & The Enchanters:| You Ain’t Ready:| Soul Cargo Volume 3
70: Jackson J.J.:| But it’s Alright:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
71: Larkin Billy:| Hole In The Wall:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
72: Freddy Robinson:| Black Fox:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
72: The Five Stairsteps:| Danger He’s A Stranger:| Soul Cargo Volume 4
73: Slim Harpo:| Baby Scratch My Back:| Soul Cargo 1:
74: The Impressions:| Minstrel And Queen:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
75: The Ovations:| Having A Party:| Bring It On Home
76: Johnie Taylor:| Rome(Wasn’t Built In A Day:| Bring It On Home
77: Percy Sledge:| You Send Me:| Bring It On Home
78: Otis Redding:| Shake:| Bring It On Home
79: Clarence Carter:| Strokin’:| Strokin’
80: Louis Jordan:| At The Swing Cat’s Ball:| Hiving With Jordan 81:Joey Pastrana:| King Of Latin Soul:| Big Bad Boogaloo
82: SAN Reno Strings:| Hungry For Love:| Soul Cargo Volume 2
83: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy:| Reefer Man:| How Big Can You Get
84: Fantastic Shakers:| Big Boss Man:| Soul Cargo Volume 1
85 George Benson:| That Lucky Old Sun:| Talkin’ Verve
End: Thank You For Listening

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