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Shaggin' The Night Away: Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

1: Band Of Oz:| Always Be My Girl:| Carolina Beach Music
2: The Breeze Band:| Let’s Stay Together:| Carolina Beach Music
3: J.D.Cash:| Strollin’ On The Boardwalk:| Carolina Beach Music
4: Bill Deal & Original Rondells:| L.O.D. (Ammon Tharp):| Carolina Beach Music 5:| The Breeze Band:| Something Serious:| Carolina Beach Music
6: The Showmen:| I Love You,Can’t You See:| Shaggers Beach Music 7:| The Showmen:| No Trespassing:| Shaggers Beach Music 8:| Bill Deal & The Rondels:| May I:| Shaggers Beach Music
9: Billy Scott & The Prophets:| I Got The Fever:| Shaggers Beach Music
10: Clifford Curry: Steve Jarrell:| Two Soul Brothers:| Shaggers Beach Music
11: Gay Meadows & The Yobyalps:| Only One:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
12: Ty Hunter:| Bad Loser:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
12: Helene Smith:| You Got To Be A Man:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
14: Mac Rebbenack:| Sahara:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
15: The Four Gents:|Soul Sister:|| Soul Cargo Vol 9
16: The Catalinas:| Spend Your Live With Me:| Carolina Beach Music
17: East Coast Rivieras:| We Can Build A Love:| Carolina Beach Music
18: The Fabulous Kay’s:| Forever:| Carolina Beach Music
19: The Holiday Band:| Just Say Yes:| Carolina Beach Music
20: Billy Scott & Janice Barnett:| Something About You Baby That I Like
21: The Breeze:| Let’s Get Away:| Shaggers Beach Music
22: The Embers:| Far Away Places:| Shaggers Beach Music 23:Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs:| Let’s Do It Again:| Shaggers Beach Music 24:The Embers:| Embers Beach Medley:| Shaggers Beach Music
25: Isley Jasper Isley:| Caravan Of Love:| Shaggers Beach Music
26: Bettye Swann:| Make Me Yours:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
27: Alvin Cash:| Boston Monkey:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
28: Ricardo King:| Won’t You Come On Home:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
29: Al Green:| L.O.V.E. Love:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
30: Jimmy Burns:| Give Her To Me:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
31: Fantastic Shakers:| Big Boss Man:| Carolina Beach Music
32: Band Of Oz:| Too Hot To Handle:| Carolina Beach Music
33: The Fantastic Shakers:| Paying The Cost To Be Boss:| Carolina Beach...
34: The Catalinas:| Super Duper Love:| Carolina Beach Music
35: The Rhythm Brothers:| Hey Little Girl:| Carolina Beach Music
36: Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs:| I Remember:| Shaggers Beach Music
37: The Embers:| I Love Beach Music:| Shaggers Beach Music
38: The Embers:| I’m Gonna Do Beautiful Things:| Shaggers Beach Music
39: The Embers:| Cool Me Out:| Shaggers Beach Music
40: The Fantastic Shakers:| Jitterbug Boogie:| Shaggers Beach Music
41: Chuck Johnson:| Here We Go Round:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
42: Geno Washington:| Michael:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
43: Willy Weems & The Outlaws:| Greens:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
44: Pressure Drop:| Big Noise:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
45: The Marketts:| Balboa Blues:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
46: Freddy Butler:| I’m Not Afraid:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
47: Mike Hanks:| The Hawk:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
48: Charles :| Neighbour-Neighbour:| Soul Cargo Vol9 49:| Tom & Jerrold:| Come On & Love Me:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
50: The Poets:| So Young & So Innocent:| Soul Cargo Vol 9
51: The Fabulous Kay’s: The Doo-Wop Song:| Shaggers Beach Music
52: Bob Meyer & The Rivieras:| Behold:| Shaggers Beach Music
53: The Tams:| Down And Dirty Love:| Shaggers Beach Music
54: The Embers:| What You Do To Me:| Shaggers Beach Music
55: The Entertainers:| Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel:| Shaggers Beach
56: ????:| Fatback And Corn Liquor:| Carolina Beach Music
57: Billy Scott & The Prophets:| The Blues Is Alright:| Carolina Beach Music
58: Party Time Party Time Band:| Cold Woman:| Carolina Beach Music
59: The Poor Souls:| It Ain’t The Beat(It’s The Motion):| Carolina Beach
60: The Holiday Band:| Miami:| Carolina Beach Music
61: The Fantastic Shakers:| Allergie:| Carolina Beach Music
62:Grant Green:| Sookie Sookie:| Back To Breaks
63: Billy Paul:| Me And Mrs. Jones:| Legacy’s Rhythm & Soul Review
64:Jimmy Smith:| C.C.Rider:| Dot Com Blues 65:The Manhattans:| Kiss And Say Goodbye:| Legacy’s Rhythm & Soul Review
66: Creative Source:| Who Is He And What Is He To You?:| Funked: Volume 2 67:Massive Attack:| Be Thankful For What You’ve Got:| Blue Lines
68: Lee Andrews:| Operator:| Soul Cargo Vol. 9
69: Googie Rene:| Bossa Baby:| Soul Cargo Vol. 9
70: Jimmy McGriff:|Discoteque U.S.A.:| From Route 66 To The Flamingo
End: Thanks For Listening

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