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The Blend hip hop, beats, bass & experimental with Bevin and Emelyne, Mon 10:00pm - Tue 12:00am
Ear of the Behearer noisy free jazz with Paul Kidney, Tue 12:00am - 2:00am
Got The Blues blues with Andy Merkel, Tue 2:00am - 6:00am

Garageland: Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Hollow EverDaze | Flat Battery | Cartoons (2017)
LOOBS | Dandelion | LOOBS (2017)
Rocket Science | Sex Call | Eternal Holiday (2004)
The Stems | Sad Girl | At First Sight, Violets Are Blue (1987)

Mod Con | Do It Right Margo
Spiral Perm | Dance Duck
Girlatones | Fitting In Well

Holly Joyce | Poster Girl
Girlatones | Misunderstood

Liam Linley | Head
Cash Savage And The Last Drinks | Let Go
Archie Roach | Little By Little

Fats Domino | Walking To New Orleans
Fats Domino | I'm Walkin
Fats Domino | Ai'n That A Shame (Ait It A Shame)

Lazertits | Crying At The Tote
Bikini Kill | Rebel Girl
The Gits | Second Skin | Frenching The Bully
Lunachicks | Plugg | Lil Debbie EP
LA WITCH | You Love Nothing | LA WITCH

Daddy Cool | Rock'n'Roll La
Buried Feather | Would I Miss You

Buried Feather & The Baudelaires (Cup Eve - Free Entry!)
Mon 20:00 ยท 3 friends went
The Post Office Hotel

A whole bunch of shows cooked for Jand and Feb

Destrends | Blackout
The Living Eyes | Better Think Again Modern Living
The Living Eyes | Spring
The Stavros Brothers | What's That Thing
Gold Class | Twist In The Dark
Gnohms | Under The Bus

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