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Jumpin' the Blues: Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Playlist: jumpin the blues

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

jay mcshann - jumpin the blues

howlin wolf - the red rooster

willie baker - going' back home

herb fisher - you don't live but once

king curtis - midnight blue

james wayne - this little letter

solomon burke - along about midnight

solomon burke - no nights by myself

lowell fulson - blues about midnight

junior wells with buddy guy - checking on my baby

billy boy arnold - i wish you would

muddy waters - i don't know why

hop wilson - always be in love with you

paul de lay - come on with it

steve rowland - out ridin

the bruce katz band - jet lag

william clarke & junior watson - groovin' with mr.k

roy brown - slow down little eva

maxwell davis - bluesville

b.b. king - raining' all the time

the paramount trio - junco partner

mitzi mars - i'm glad

lightnin' hopkins - let's move

john brim - rattlesnake

jasper love - love's honeydripper

lightnin' slim - i just don't know

sonny boy williamson - ninety nine

jerry mccain - steady

cousin leroy - up the river

little walter & his jukes - roller coaster

clarence garlow - bon ton roula

snooks eaglin - mardi gras mambo

kenny burrell - chitlins con carne

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